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Breaking News: Another Prominent Leader Shot Dead By Assassins Few Minutes After Attending Prayers

According to the source, another leader have been confirmed dead after being shot. It has been reported that, Mohib Ullah who is a prominent Rohingya leader was shot some few hours after attending prayers. Furthermore, it has been reported that, more than 2 gunmen came and shot Mohib Ullah in front of his office before disappearing. He was rushed to one hospital in Bangladesh . Unfortunately, he passed away. Police officers have been deployed in the area to assist in investigations and arrest all the criminal who killed Mohib Ullah.


Trump Officials Can Testify on Former President’s Actions Leading up to Insurrection, Justice Department decides

Trump officials can testify on former President’s actions leading up to insurrection, Justice Department decides – The Department of Justice has officially denied that it has granted the right to administer with possible evidence of at least some witnesses to the January 6 Capitol attack, a person who was briefed on the matter.

A Wonderful New World – Proof the World Is Beautiful

A Wonderful New World – Proof the World Is Beautiful : We live in an insanely fantastic world, a wonderful new world. The wonderful world is filled with marvelous sceneries, but we sometimes get caught up by the hurdles of life and we fail to realize the wonderful prospects the world has to offer.