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🥵 10 Skinniest People in the World 🥺

Skinniest people

We talk about the tallest and shortest people on earth, but do you have an idea who the skinniest person in the world is?

Lizzie Valasquez is the skinniest person in the world alive. Lizzie Valasquez suffers a rare congenital disease known as Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome(NPS). Lizzie Valasquez has never weighed more than 29 kg. She is currently 58 Ibs (26kg).

[]( has compiled a list of the skinniest people in the world who include: Tom Staniford, Valeria Levitin, Kristina Karyagina, Loana Spangenberg, Cathie Jung, Lizzie Valesquez, Michele Korbke, Ann Ward, Valeria Lukyanova, Dita Von Teese, Levitin.

Ruto Should Dismiss All Mount Kenya UDA MPs Oscar Sudi Set The Record Straight On Circulating Post

Deputy President William Ruto ally Honorable Oscar Sudi has set the record straight on the information circulating online claiming that he advised the second in command to dismiss all mount Kenya region UDA affiliated members of Parliament. Through his Official Facebook page, Sudi has distanced himself from such posts claiming it is fake news being spread by his opponents who are out to tarnish his name.


ODM or UDA? Mukhisa Kituyi Finally Breaks Silence On The Party That He Will Use In 2022 Election

Meanwhile, Mukhisa Kituyi is back to remind all Kenyans that he will be voting hard. Speaking to NTV Kenya, the former legislator finally broke the silence of the party he will use in the 2022 general election. He has denied allegations that he joined Raila Odinga’s UdA party or DP William Ruto.

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