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Umma University Information & Communication Technology Manager – Jobs in Kenya

Qualifications Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Computer Science from a recognized institution CCNA, CCNP, CISSP or Project Management Master’s degree in any of the …


Kenya Power (KPLC) Engineering & Technology Industrial Attachment Opportunities (September to November 2022 Intake)

In line with the Government’s commitment to support youth empowerment, Kenya Power is offering continuing Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma and Craft Certificate students an exciting opportunity …

home screen layout

Home Screen Layout Locked On Samsung- How to Unlock

To unlock to home screen Layout on Samsung and other phone brands. you need to tap on an empty space on the home screen, move to settings, tap on the toggle lock home screen layout and turn it off. This will solve the home screen layout locked issue.

Row and Column

Row vs Column: Difference Between Row and Column

Rows are group of cells arranged in a horizontal way that provides uniformity. Columns are cells grouped together arranged in a vertical position running from top to bottom.

The easiest way to remember the difference between a row and a column, Visualize this; Rows are on the Left to right while the column is basically the height.