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Dust bowl

Dust Bowl U.S History: Causes & Effects on Great Depression – HISTORY

Dust Bowl is significant in U.S history which was experienced severe dust storms during the drought of the 1930s. Which caused the Great Depression in Texas. When the strong winds and heavy dust strong winds went across the region from Nebraska to Texas, humans, and animals were killed and crops were destroyed throughout the region.

True love

How Do I Find True love? – I Found Real True Love and Kept It

You may never know where to find true love, in fact, finding true love is a hustle by itself, so the easiest solution to finding true love is to stop looking for it. This is why I have decided to write this article which will revolve around the world’s most asked questions on finding love. I will share a personal story of how I found love without even looking, and how to sustain and make your love last. please read all through to the end.