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“Sema Kufanana” Rev Lucy Natasha Electrifies Kenyans As She Shares Dazzling Photos Of Her Mother

On Wednesday 1st of December, flamboyant Nairobi Preacher Rev Lucy Natasha wowed Kenyans after she penned down an emotional message to her biological mother and …


Two Nurses Beaten Badly By Patients After They Were Caught Enjoying ‘Unprotected Session’ In A Ward

A bizarre incident has been reported hours ago concerning two Tanzanian nurses who were caught enjoying the ‘forbidden fruit’ in one of the beds in …

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Maeyasunsun Medical Condition

Maeyasunsun Medical Condition : Maeyasunsun is a transgender example in the picture you see above. For those who don’t really know who the transgender is, this is a person with different gender identity or expression in their assigned gender at birth, so in short, he was he and he doesn’t care!

Lisa Sparks

Lisa Sparks: I Slept With Only 919 Men Within 24 hours

Lisa Sparks: I Slept With Only 919 Men Within 24 hours : According to the record book The Guinness, a woman who holds the world record for the largest number of men having sex with her within 24 hours is known as Lisa Sparks. He was born in Poland and grew up there.

Isaiah Acosta

Isaiah Acosta: Meet Baby Who Was Born Without A Jaw, Years Later He Reveals His Talent

According to research, 353,000 babies are born worldwide each day. This is approximately 255 births each minute and 4 babies every 4 seconds. Out of …

Mercy Kuria

Internet Erupts as Mercy Kuria “Twende Twende, Come On” Singer Almost Loses her Dancing Shoes in a Youth Concert

Praise and Worshiper Mercy Kuria is well known for her dancing styles she pull occasionally during worship sessions. According to local man news, the singer …


Embarambamba Caught in a Night Club Dancing With Women and Men

Ezekiel Mutua, boss of Kenya Films and Classification (KFCB), has warned Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma, a popular artist, about his dance moves, known as Embarambamba.In a …