Engineering Scholarships in Sustainable Ship and Shipping 2023

Engineering Scholarships in Sustainable Ship and Shipping 2023 – 2024

Engineering Scholarships in Sustainable Ship and Shipping

The proposed Programme in Sustainable Ship and Shipping 4.0 (SEAS 4.0) is a year-and-half-long (90 ECTS) integrated, international, innovative, and methodologically diversified course to award a double Master Degree.

It is entirely taught in English and jointly designed by Consortium Universities:

University of Napoli Federico II, University of A Coruna and University of Zagreb. The development of SEAS 4.0 Master Degree has been inspired by an emerging necessity to enlarge and improve the knowledge of the standard “Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering’’ (NAME) curriculum with the elements of: Ship management; Infologistics and sustainability concepts in the frame industry 4.0.

Such elements have to be understood by future ship designers and marine engineers so that they can be fully implemented at design stage and into one advanced teaching program.

SEAS 4.0 is tailored for students who already have 240 ECTS in NAME or some other relevant technical degree (mechanical, civil, aerospace, etc) offering them a possibility to extend their knowledge and skills within a multidisciplinary team.

fully funded scholarships

This holistic approach to higher education with an emphasis on both technical and transferable skills was jointly developed by the members of the Consortium and Associated Partners, recognizing the need for producing new experts to work in an increasingly digitized, automated, and globally mobile environment.

The objectives of the EMJMD SEAS 4.0 programme are to train future engineers and increase their employment competitiveness in the multidisciplinary and global domain of ship design, construction, and management.

Specifically, the SEAS4.0 program will couple environmental and legal competencies, knowledge of the economic framework of green and sustainable economy, digitalisation related to the newest needs in the fields of shipbuilding and maritime transport in student-centered education increasing students cultural competencies and life-long learning attitudes.

Engineering Scholarships in Sustainable Ship and Shipping – Admission Requirements SEAS 4.0 EDUCATION BOARD will be responsible for coordination of admissions.

The Programme is open to APPLICANTS who hold 240 ECTS or equivalent in the field of:

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Maritime Engineering Nautical and Maritime Transport Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Aerospace Engineering Electrical Engineering Electric Power Engineering Electronic Engineering Applied Mathematics Physics Applicants holding at least 240 ECTS in other technical disciplines can apply and their admission will be considered by the Education Board. The SEAS 4.0 master’s course is offered to European and third country-students who fulfil the following additional requirements:

At least B2 level of English-language proficiency according to the Common European

  • Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages;
  • 6 IELTS with at least 5.0 point in each section;
  • TOEFL (paper based) at least 550 points with 4.5 in the writing section; or
  • TOEFL (IBT) 79 points with at least 17 points in every section.
  • Engineering Scholarships in Sustainable Ship and Shipping

For the next cohort 20 Erasmus Mundus scholarships for NON EU and 8 for EU will be available.

A full scholarship for non EU students includes:

The full tuition fees (9000€/year) A monthly allowance for living expenses of 1000€/month Installation fee: 1000€ (lump sum at arrival) Travel expenses (3000€/year – lump sum) A health insurance (value 500€/year) A full scholarship for EU students includes :

The full tuition fees (4000€/year) A monthly allowance for living expenses of 1000€/month Travel costs : 1000€/year A health insurance 500€/year Consortium Scholarships

The consortium offers scholarships for EU and NON EU candidates applying for the course. The number (3-4/intake) and amount of scholarships will be fixed according to the fund availability.

It will be distributed according to the candidate CV’s quality and their motivation. A full scholarship is not given. We prefer to give partial scholarships to several students instead of full ones to only a few.

The Consortium scholarship may include (one or two of the following, not all):

• Tuition fees (up to 9000€ / year, valid for 2 years).

Free Health insurance.

• Travels: up to 500€.

• Monthly allocation for living and housing (200-300€/month).

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are granted to excellent applicants.

These scholarships will cover a part of tuition fees and about 500€ / month for EU students and 850€ / month for non EU students.

Additional scholarships are available depending on the program country and other factors.

For more information and application details Apply Here.

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