Crime: Which areas in Nairobi are you most likely to be mugged?


Which areas in Nairobi are you most likely to be mugged?

Nairobi has become a major crime zone, especially for mugging and stabbing. Residents around the city are now threatened as even in the daylight, they still fall victim to the same crimes. At night, some residents have even lost their lives because of stabbings. Some shops have also been robbed and some burnt to ashes.

Though residents are aware of the insurgency of crime in Nairobi, most of them do not know the red zones and the safe zones in the region. It is not the whole of Nairobi that is experiencing this but some parts which are common to passersby and strangers to the city. Here are some of the areas that are dangerous and one is likely to be mugged.

KCA- Ruaraka

KCA Ruaraka has become a blackspot for thugs and gangs. Surprisingly, this is the area around the KCA University-Main Campus. It is not identified whether the comrades are doing the heinous acts or the area residents are. Also, some of the students have complained about the act.

Nairobi CBD

There are five hotspot crime places in CBD with the notorious places being Temple Road, Hakati Road, Railways Terminus on Haile Selassie Avenue, KTDA Moi Avenue, and Racecourse road. The incidents mostly happen between 4 am-6 am and 7 pm-11 pm with their target being phones, laptops, and expensive jewelry.


Korogocho is one of the most dangerous slums in Nairobi. The place is prone to gangsters and muggers. Insecurity here is at its peak and almost everyday incident of mugging, rape, and violent crime is reported in the region.

Temple road, OTC, cross road and river road. Of course the entire city and it’s environs is not safe for citizens. The president and his deputy are entirely to blame because of their reckless utterances about our security officers and prosecution of the very officers! Sad!

Whenever uko CBD especially Tom Mboya street majioni, avoid ile stretch ya side ya stage ya 58, Tuskys to Quickmart ,ukiweza use the opposite side..

From junction ya archives mpaka huko Odeon. Hiyo ni ya kuchorewa.

Along Moi Avenue from Archives to Imenti house.

Tom mboya na Ronald Ngala st

Mlango kubwa,Eastleigh & Huruma

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