4 Things Guys Notice in The First 6 Seconds When They Look at A Lady

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Things Guys Notice in The First 6 Seconds in a Lady: There are certain things that a guy notices when he looks at you and based on those things, he can make assumptions about you. You can’t believe that a guy would judge a book by its cover, right? Everyone does this. Not everyone is aware that they do this, or would like to admit that they do.

It is basic human psychology. It is normal. what we want to do is take advantage of this basic fact. I am going to give you basic things, that a guy notices when he first looks at you. So, you can take advantage of these things

Things Guys Notice in The First 6 Seconds in a Lady


People who tend to smile more, also tend to be more likable. This is rocket science. If you are around someone, and they are stone-faced, they never smile or laugh or joke, you probably don’t want to be around that person unless you’re like that person. Because misery loves company.

But if you don’t like to be around these kinds of people, whatever you are, you are going to attract more of the same. It’s neither about the book nor its contents. it is about the cover of the book. That is what attracts people to and from you.


The next first thing that a guy is going to notice about you, is the booty. I’m just being real. It really depends on the guy. You know some guys are boobs guys and others love booty. Me personally in my opinion, I think real men love booty, that’s just my opinion. I don’t speak for everyone.

It is not something for you to get insecure about as a lady. I know how the media treats ladies, and their incessant expectations about their looks. You already have all the tools that you need to be that awesome attractive person. The question is, are you taking care of yourself? If you are hitting the gym, if you are eating all the green vegetables, in the nutshell if you are taking care of yourself then you are going to be the pretty person everyone wants to hang around with.


He is going to notice how you dress. Guys pay attention not necessarily to how a normal girl dresses, because let’s be honest, most people dress like most people. That’s just how things work. But we definitely do notice when a girl knows how to dress in a way that shows off her body.

Guys want to date ladies who know how to dress well; who know how to present themselves in such a way most ladies don’t. One of my old colleagues used to tell me, if you’re ever to go somewhere, show up like nobody else.


Specifically, first things first. He is going to notice your skin. Is it clear? Is it moisturized? Does it get dry and flaky? How you treat your face is very important. This is the ultimate thing guys see when they look at a girl.

Other Things Guys Notice in the First 4 Seconds are;

Your Sense of Humor.
Your Voice
Your Friends
Your Smell
Your Confidence.
Your Personal Style.

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