Aurelie Bertrand Biography: Meet The Woman Who Made Arsenal Ex-player Go Broke To The Point Of Killing Himself A Few Years Ago


Aurelie Bertrand Biography:

Football In modern days aside entertainment is one of the best paying sports which has turned players into millionaires and billionaires, giving them the ability to acquire luxuries at will.

Former Arsenal forward Emmanuel Eboue is in no doubt amongst the list of footballer who earned high amount of money while still playing but unfortunately, it ended quite worrisome for him

Emmanuel Eboué is an Ivorian former professional footballer who played as a right back. He began his career at ASEC Mimosas, he moved to Europe to play for Belgium’s Beveren in 2002 and an interesting move to Arsenal before moving to turkey to join Galatasaray.

Eboue got married to Aurelie Bertrand before joining Arsenal with whom he had three had three children.

Eboué while speaking with ‘Sunday Mirror’ said that ‘he was poor and Homeless due to his divorce and bad investment that were under his former wife’s control’ he also said he was undergoing struggles with mental health due to the divorce which made him loose a lot of money

His ex wife Aurelie Bertrand collected approximately 7 million euros (€7m) of his hard earned money as a professional footballer along with his house in the United Kingdom. It was reported that he almost committed suicide.

After undergoing such Trauma, His Former club Galatasaray helped him with a coaching job in order to enable him move on with life.

In 2019, eboue had a low key marriage with his ex girlfriend who he dumped for his former wife in his hometown

Quite unfortunate is it?

I hope it teaches some persons to quit looking for greener pastures elsewhere when there are beautiful young ladies at their home land

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Ex- Arsenal and Ivorian defender, Emmanuel Eboué has remarried his longtime fiancée in a nuptial ceremony held in Abidjan.

The 37-year-old made headlines last year after his living conditions deteriorated due to a divorce from his Ex wife.

However, Eboue has turned his life around after battling with his ex-wife Aurelie Bertrand in divorce proceedings which saw him lose his properties and investments, and also the custody of their three children.

According to reports in Cote d’Ivoire, the former Galatasaray defender’s new wife, Stephanie Boedé had been with him while at ASEC Mimosas before he moved to Europe, and that the wedding was held discreetly because he now wants a quiet life after all he has been through.

The Ivorian was given a coaching role at Galatasaray when news the news broke that he was broke and had contemplated suicide.

Eboué made a total of 465 appearances for club and country, scoring 22 goals including 33 assists.

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