William Marcus Miller: Who is Alex Polizzi’s Husband: All You Need to Know About William Marcus Miller Now

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Most celebrities are always under the media’s radar, meaning they have to do their daily activities in hiding or make sure they live private lives, those who live closer to them often become famous by association, this is no different from William Marcus Miller, Alex Polizzi’s Husband.

William Marcus Miller is Alex Polizzi’s husband, an English Hotelier, businesswoman and a media personality. William Miller her husband is a baker and has remained supportive of her wife regardless.

William Marcus Miller Profile Biography

Name: William Marcus Miller Gender: Male Nationality: English Ethnicity: Caucasian Sexual orientation: Straight Marital status: Married Spouse: Alex Polizzi Children: Olga Miller, Roco Miller Profession: Baker

Full NameWilliam Marcus Miller
Sexual orientationStraight
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAlex Polizzi
ChildrenOlga Miller, Roco Miller

Who is Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller is a professional baker and lives a private life . Details about his life are highly classified, we currently do not have information about his parents, childhood, upbringing and even siblings. Miller does not even have any social media accounts.

Is Marcus Miller Married

Marcus Miller is married to Alessandra Maria Luigia Anna Polizzi di Sorrentino aka ALEX POLIZZI an English Hotelier businessperson social media personality and anchor. It is believed that Alex and Marcus met in Hong Kong. Alex had visited the place for a two-year management course in Mandarin Oriental and started dating.

Speaking to Evening Standard, she shared her first impression of him: I saw this gorgeous man walk into the staff canteen – he was making chocolates for the hotel – and we started going out.

Unfortunately, their dating period came to a stop after several years and Alessandra Maria Luigia Anna Polizzi di Sorrentino moved back to London to launch Criterion Brasserie for Marco Pierre White. They met again in 1997 when Marcus started a venture to gain funding for a bakery.

‘He is a really very clever person,’ says Alex. ‘He had gone to all the major banks and asked for investment, and everyone said no, so he came and gave me this tale of woe.’

Miller got an instant loan from Alex and her mother Olga of a total of 120,000 Euros which he used to invest into his bakery with Alex supporting him. He rapid his loan after one year and Marcus and Alex fell in love again and worked together in the bakery.

Miller Bespoke Bakery is one of the major suppliers in England with some of their partners being Caprice group, Gordon Ramsay, one of the best chefs in the world, Brown’s Hotel, and most of London’s high-end department stores.

The couple got Married in September 2007 in Sussex, England . Alex got pregnant on Honeymoon.

Alex Polizzi Children

The couple have been blessed with two children Olga Miller is the oldest, born in 2008. Their second born child Roco Miller, born in 2013. Speaking on marriage, Alex never cared about marriage and never wanted to have a child but as we speak she is desperate to have another.

What does Marcus Miller’s wife do for a living

Alessandra Maria Luigia Anna Polizzi di Sorrentino is from a family that owns hotels . Her own mother Olga Polizzi, was working as a hotel designer. Lord Forte, a prominent Scottish hotelier. She is also a television personality who hosts the Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy. The show has grown to become one of the top series in England.

What is William Marcus Miller’s Net Worth

Marcus Miller is not known publicly, but according to sources, His wife is worth $1.1 million.

Quick Facts about William Marcus Miller and Alex Miller

How old is William Marcus Miller – Marcus Miller is a private person. His age is not known, her wife is 50 years old as of 2022.
Who is Marcus Miller’s Wife – Alex Polizzi, an English hotelier, businesswoman, and television personality
Who are Marcus Miller Children – The children are lga Miller and Roco Miller

Alex Polizzi’s husband, Marcus Miller, has shown love and support to his wife. Together they have been through much, and they have proved to be the perfect match.

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