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Job Vacancy: Pickup Driver – Mombasa

Salary: 30K

Check Oil, Water level and top up if necessary before start of vehicle.
Inspect the vehicle in the morning before commencement of Journey – pressure of tires and other parts.
Drive safely and follow all safety and traffic laws.
Keep the vehicle clean and well maintained.
Report any incidents to the immediate manager.
Report any mechanical defects to the maintenance department or workshop.
Park the vehicle in a safe and secure place.
Ensure all required cargo documents are in place.
Safely escort the fleet.
Make sure all docs pertaining to the journey are correct and valid.
Keep a good relation with the clientele.
Follow accident procedure.
Collect, analyze and verify all delivery documents upon delivering to the client.
Make sure his driving license is valid for the vehicles assigned to him.
Maintain a positive attitude with all clients.
Carry out any other management duties as assigned / required by the appointing Authority
How to apply
Send CV to recruitment@sheerlogicltd.com by 20th August 2022.

Clearly indicate the job title “Pickup Driver – Mombasa”

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