NCBA Bank Network Administrator – Jobs in Kenya

Division/Department: Digital Business Engineering
Reports to: System Administration Senior Manager
Unit: Data Assets Infrastructure

The Network Administrator’s role is to design, plan, implement and support the IT network in the organization, and the related infrastructure.

Job Purpose Statement
The Network Administrator role is to design, plan, implement and support the IT network in the organisation, and the related infrastructure. The Network administrator should be expert in network infrastructure and security technologies. The role should design networks for the required performance, capacity management considerations, and should be capable to align the network requirements with the costs in implementing and supporting the platforms.

Key Accountabilities (Duties and Responsibilities)

Network Planning 40%
Design, and implement organisational network to achieve
performance and availability targets.

Network Management 30%
Manage network availability, Service Recovery, to ensure projects, incidents; problems are addressed according to defined set of policies, processes, procedures and SLA’s.

Network Integration 10%
Effectiveness of integration of network strategy / blueprint with the bank’s business direction

Network Security 10%
Effectiveness of the network security (policy, controls and infrastructure) with regard to protection against exposure to and impact of risks associated with data loss, corruption
and/or unauthorized access

Network setup 10%
Plans, Designs and implements network projects in accordance with Bank’s requirements and Monitor Capacity/Performance of the networks to ensure optimum efficiency

Job Dimensions
Reporting Relationships: jobs that report to this position directly and indirectly
Direct Reports None
Indirect Reports None

Decision Making Authority /mandates/constraints: the Decisions the Position Holder is Empowered to Make (Indicate if It is Operational, Managerial or Strategic). Please Also Highlight Any Budgetary Control Responsibility if Applicable for the Role.
Structure of network infrastructure within approved guidelines
Network design, reviews and improvement proposals

Ideal Job Specifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field.

CCNA, other relevant professional qualifications in IT field would be an added advantage
Project Management certification and experience is preferred e.g., PRINCE2, PMP
Desired work experience:
Three years’ experience in network support on medium to large organizations.
Working experience in a bank or other financial services organization would be added

NCBA Bank Core Value Behaviors (Performance Drivers)
Confident (Self Mastery):
Describes people who are self-assured, in control, bold and deliver to the highest standards of expectations with ease while exhibiting the sort of present that builds confidence in others

Comfortable (Connecting with people):
Describes people who are cool and resilient under pressure, honest in every dealing, open to constructive criticism, can be relied on to deliver.

Elegant (Effortless delivery):
Describes people who demonstrate effortless simplicity and are able to do mundane things with grace and flair. They connect easily with different audiences, exhibit finesse in all interactions and have a high sense of values that they uphold at every turn.

Prestige (Pride and ownership of our work):
Describes people who believe in themselves, are respected and treat others with respect and occupy a significant place in people’s minds.

Ideal Job competencies

Technical Competencies
Organization development to effectively plan networks, server hardware, Linux & UNIX operating systems, and Windows operating systems support for optimal performance.
Knowledge and experience in modern practices for networks,
server hardware, Linux and UNIX operating systems, and Windows operating systems architecture and operations in medium to large banks to provide guidance on quality improvements and strategic changes
Technical skills to effectively perform or guide performance of networks, server hardware, Linux and UNIX operating systems, and Windows operating systems design and operations
activities/tasks in a manner that consistently produce high quality of service.
Knowledge and effective application of all relevant banking policies, processes, procedures and guidelines to consistently achieve required compliance standards or benchmarks.

Behavioral Competencies
Interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with and manage customer expectations (internal and external), and other stakeholders who impact performance.
Self-empowerment to enable development of open communication, teamwork and trust that are needed to support performance and customer-service oriented culture.
How to apply
For more information and job application details, see;

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