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Job Purpose Statement
The Customer Experience Design Lead is responsible for our customer’s end-to-end and future-state journey. CX Design Lead is a collaborator and cultivator who works with partners across the organization and stewards our experience vision in a way that harmonizes the delivery of our collective experience efforts. This includes efforts to close competitive gaps and leapfrog in the marketplace. Additionally, the CX Design Lead ensures all teams are aligned with the CX journey vision for projects and efforts they are accountable for.

Key Accountabilities (Duties and Responsibilities)

Financial 10%
Design and implement a framework that will continuously deliver;
Optimal efficiency, compliance and cost containment through reduced exposures and impact of risks associated with service provision in line with policies, regulatory guidelines, Consumer Protection Act (Kenya) and any other consumer guidelines as guided by country of operations
Improved customer life time value through continuous improvement in service delivery
Measure financial impact against CX related SLAs

Internal Business Processes 50%
Develop the required reporting framework and build meaning dashboards to deliver an insightful overview of customer sentiments/satisfaction for adoption and usage
Define and implement the required tech/systems to capture the metrics needed; work with Data team to ensure all data points are joined up to create an end to-end view
Conceptualize and implement internal programmes to get VOC closer to the ground – enabling all staff to appreciate customer pain points and devising action plans to improve customer experience
Run VOC Forum sessions; engage the management and cross-functional teams to deep dive on core issues and use the data to find the answers
Build an end-to-end measurement and improvement process to drive a close loop, iterative improvement process
Drive customer experience research and ensure that research moved beyond data, to genuine insights that can be used to influence business / product / operational decisions.

Customer 30%
Drive CX measurement framework & metrics (NPS, CSAT, User love metrics etc..) by developing a logical and holistic framework that ties key metrics that impact customer experience to business outcomes
Set up and run a comprehensive Voice of Customer Programme – define the objectives, methodology, logic, channel, contact strategy for capturing VOC across all touchpoints (App, branches, social media, Reviews etc.)
Scope and implement the tracking methodology for capturing customer interactions and feedback across the customer touchpoints – enabling a single view of customer satisfaction across their customer journeys

Learning and Growth 10%
Identify and support CX coaching consumer insight needs for stakeholders at various levels
Personal Growth
Manage personal learning and development against personal develop plan

Job Dimensions
Reporting Relationships: jobs that report to this position directly and indirectly
Direct Reports: Customer Insights Officer
Indirect Reports: None

Decision-making Authority /mandates/constraints: the Decisions the Position Holder is Empowered to Make (Indicate if It is Operational, Managerial or Strategic). Please Also Highlight Any Budgetary Control Responsibility if Applicable for the Role.
Budgetary responsibility

Ideal Job Specifications
University degree Upper 2nd Class Honors or 3.0 GPA

Proficient in use of relevant MS Office applications and statistical packages.
Certification in Quality Assurance an added advantage
Certification as a research analyst
Quality Assurance experience an added advantage

Desired Work Experience:
At least 6 years working experience in a customer service environment and/or customer insights & analytics
Familiarity with both quantitative and qualitative research methods + research best practices.
Hands-on experience in building data-driven models and dashboards

Ideal Job Competencies
Technical Competencies
Knowledge of research methodologies and tools
Expertise in insights generation to drive positive outcomes in customer
experience using experience management tools such as Customer Journey
maps, personas etc.
Skills and familiarity with CX measurement, data tools and survey platforms
Affinity for working with quantitative data, while appreciating the art form that
comes with applying it to customer engagement
Familiarity with both quantitative and qualitative research methods + research
best practices.
Hands-on experience in building data-driven models and dashboards
Leadership and team management
Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
Knowledge of MS Office applications and statistical packages.
Planning and organizing skills for effective planning and execution of tasks
and projects within timeframes and budget.
Coaching and training

Leadership Behaviours – Competencies (Performance Drivers)
Leadership Skills: Team Building and ability to train, develop and mentor staff; Presents new challenges and opportunities to the team to enable them to demonstrate and achieve their full potential; encourages and inspires team learning
Interpersonal Skills: Ability to lead, build and influence motivated teams
Negotiation Skills: Must be a good negotiator, particularly in changing behaviour and work practices but always Win/Win
Innovative: Creative and adaptive to change. A team player who is supportivemof other’s ideas and innovations, collaborates in a culture of knowledge-sharing and team learning to strengthen the organisation’s work
Reliable: Ability to take responsibility and exercise it well. A flexible and “hands on” approach

Promotes a free flow of information throughout the organisation (upward, downward and across).
Communicates effectively to a wide variety of audiences at all organisational level
Presents a compelling rationale to support one’s position and manage the expectations of key stakeholders
Strong communication skills: well developed oral and report-writing skills; the ability to present ideas and financial processes with conviction

Selling the Vision
Vividly communicating a compelling view of the future state in a way that helps others understand and feel how business outcomes will be different when the vision and values become a reality

Raises the Bar
Establishes challenging goals that continuously raise expectations of performance in line with the strategy; creates a team performance culture of continuous improvement and development

Fostering Collaboration
Working effectively and cooperatively with others; establishing and maintaining good working relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals; actively participating as a member of a team to move the team toward thecompletion of goals; acts as a positive role model.

Coaching & Developing Others
Providing feedback, instruction, and development guidance to help others
excel in their current or future job responsibilities; planning and supporting the
development of individual’s skills and abilities.

Empowerment & Delegation
Sharing authority and responsibilities with others to move decision making and
accountability downward through the organization, enable individuals to stretch their capabilities, and accomplish the business unit’s strategic priorities.

Building Organizational Talent
Establishing systems and processes to attract, develop, engage, and retain talented individuals; providing challenging and stretch tasks and assignments; holding frequent development discussions; constructing compelling talent development plans and executing them.

Business Savvy/Acumen
Demonstrates a keen understanding of basic business operations and the organizational levers that drive profitable growth; Understands the operating environment, the customers, competition and how their strategies and tactics work in the marketplace; applies knowledge to develop and execute strategies and tactics to drive business results.

Driving for Results
Driving high standards for individual, team, and organizational accomplishment;
tenaciously working to meet or exceed challenging goals; deriving satisfaction from goal achievement and continuous improvement.

Behavioural Competencies
Excellent analytical and communication skills.
Desire to collaborate with the team and build working relationships
Familiarity with both quantitative and qualitative research methods + research best
Hands-on experience in building data-driven models and dashboards
How to apply
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