KUTRRH Innovation Officer (Product/Enterprise Development) – Jobs in Kenya

Position Summary
Reporting to the Supervisor, Medical Innovation and Accelerator Hub, the Innovations Officer
(Product/Enterprise Development) is responsible for implementation of innovative ideas, developing and
managing a product development lifecycle for innovations domiciled in the Innovations Section of the ICT
department at KUTRRH.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
Overseeing the identification, development, testing/trials and production of new products from
Evaluate ideas to ensure ideas are both technically and commercially viable.
Conduct market research to identify potential customers, clients and partners for the innovation
products emerging from the Hospital.
Advise innovators on opportunities and markets available for their products.
Determining cost efficient production methods.
Ensuring that new products comply with applicable local/international laws and regulations.
Collaborate with innovators to better understand the target market and overall business strategy.
Creation of documentation and manuals for innovation.
Provide regular reports on product/enterprise development/incorporation and management of
Any other work-related duties assigned by your supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Innovation/ Entrepreneurship/ Project Management/ Technology Transfers or
a related Degree from a recognized institution.
Computer literate.
Knowledge of relevant legislation regarding Copyright, IP Protection, Trademarks etc.
Knowledge of legislation and policies regarding IP Protection.
Knowledge of product development lifecycle.
Experience in commercialization of innovations.
Knowledge of professional standards.
At least three years of working experience in product development or related field.

Soft Skills required for the job
Communication skills
Organizational skills
Observation skills
Analytical skills
How to apply

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