International Master Scholarships in Sustainable Drug Discovery

Are you looking for a top international master in the innovative pharma-biotech field? Then, the new International Master in Sustainable Drug Discovery (S-DISCO), recently selected by the European Commission for award of full scholarships, is something for you.

This 2-year study programme, organized by 4 European Universities (Ghent University, Medical University of Gdańsk, University of Lille and the University of Groningen), focusses on drug discovery, which is the creative and critically important phase in early life cycle of a medicine that precedes elaborated preclinical and clinical development.

The programme is unique in that it will pay notable attention to sustainability, an aspect that currently receives close to zero attention in traditional medicine R&D programmes but which rapidly becomes a high priority requirement.

Moreover, courses are given not only by academic experts, but also by industry and competent authorities.

Combined with the limited number of excellent students that will be allowed, this guarantees high-quality education, preparing the students for a bright future in the pharma-biotech field.

International Master Scholarships in Sustainable Drug Discovery – Learning Outcomes The major educational objectives of the S-DISCO programme are to:

Understand, evaluate and compare the different fundamental drug discovery concepts and processes, including common problems and possible solutions.
Integrate key concepts of drug discovery to elaborate on specific drug discovery processes.
Describe and apply sustainability principles within a drug discovery context.
Understand the importance and impact of sustainability in drug discovery within local and global health-systems.
Explain how and where ecologic and socio-economic systems interact to influence sustainability in the drug discovery process.
Consider and include sustainability in drug discovery decision making. Analyse and explain regional and global sustainable drug discovery using a transdisciplinary and holistic approach. Possess a global collaborative culture by building upon others’ ideas and treating team members with respect.
Integrate a sustainability attitude and participation in personal and professional life. Be able to clearly present (orally and in writing) and argument conclusions in dialogue with colleagues and laymen in international contexts.
International Master Scholarships in Sustainable Drug Discovery – Career Opportunities Graduates will be trained to find creative and innovative solutions for the various challenges in the pharmaceutical field.
Emphasis is on the crucially important discovery phase, taking into account environmental, ecological and socio-financial sustainability aspects.
Workforce shortages exist for almost every position within the pharmaceutical and related industries, and scientists with the skills offered by our master program are extremely in-demand by the industry.
Moreover, both national medicine-competent authorities as well as international agencies, such as EMA, FDA or WHO, will look for our high-level graduates.
The same is true for civil society organizations, such as NGOs, working in this field.
Finally, graduates will have acquired useful competencies for further academic studies, i.e. Ph.D., thereby deepening the drug discovery field while propagating the sustainability viewpoint in pharmaceutical research and education.
International Master Scholarships in Sustainable Drug Discovery

For the next cohort 20 Erasmus Mundus scholarships for NON EU and 8 for EU will be available.

A full scholarship for non EU students includes:

The full tuition fees (9000€/year)
A monthly allowance for living expenses of 1000€/month
Installation fee: 1000€ (lump sum at arrival)
Travel expenses (3000€/year – lump sum)
A health insurance (value 500€/year)
A full scholarship for EU students includes :

The full tuition fees (4000€/year)
A monthly allowance for living expenses of 1000€/month
Travel costs : 1000€/year
A health insurance 500€/year
Consortium Scholarships

The consortium offers scholarships for EU and NON EU candidates applying for the course.
The number (3-4/intake) and amount of scholarships will be fixed according to the fund availability.

It will be distributed according to the candidate CV’s quality and their motivation.
A full scholarship is not given.
We prefer to give partial scholarships to several students instead of full ones to only a few.

The Consortium scholarship may include (one or two of the following, not all):

• Tuition fees (up to 9000€ / year, valid for 2 years).

• Free Health insurance.

• Travels: up to 500€.

• Monthly allocation for living and housing (200-300€/month).

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are granted to excellent applicants.

These scholarships will cover a part of tuition fees and about 500€ / month for EU students and 850€ / month for non EU students.
Additional scholarships are available depending on the program country and other factors.

For more information and application details, see;

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