Amber Heard hits Tel Aviv! Actress meets up with her Israeli journalist friend who got banned from defamation trial for breaking rules on cell phone use

Amber Heard was pictured pushing an empty stroller while on vacation in Tel Aviv following her heated defamation trial with ex Johnny Depp
Heard was out and about in Israel in a black dress, flip-flops and a blue cap
Earlier in the week, she was spotted visiting a bookstore in the city and enjoying lunch with controversial journalist and friend, Eve Barlow
Barlow has remained close with Heard and was barred from the defamation trial for repeatedly taking her phone out and trying to advise Heard’s team

Amber Heard was spotted walking around Israel and dining at a central Tel Aviv cafe on Monday with her friend, Eve Barlow, the controversial journalist who got herself banned from the Johnny Depp defamation trial.

Heard was out and about wearing a black dress, flip-flops and a blue cap

While in Tel Aviv, she was also spotted browsing bookstores and enjoying lunch with Barlow, who stood by her during the trial and was prevented from observing proceedings in April, after she was caught texting and tweeting from the front row of the courtroom, which is generally reserved for legal counsel.
She also reportedly tried to provide legal counsel to Heard’s team by showing them social media posts of a Depp witness, which she alleged were compromising. Depp’s lawyers successfully filed a motion to have Barlow permanently barred from the courtroom.

After gaining backlash online for her fervent support of Heard, Barlow claimed that the negative comments against her were fueled by misogyny and anti-Semitism.

J.C. Halper, owner of Halper’s Book Store in the Israeli city, said he was surprised to see Heard walking through his aisles on Tuesday as she purchased his book detailing his adventures at the store.

‘Say what you want about Amber Heard, (and what little I knew about her was negatively influenced by the media as well), the person who browsed my store last Tuesday for almost an hour, with her toddler baby girl and a couple of friends, was a modest, polite, friendly, inquisitive self-effacing customer with high literary tastes,’ Halper wrote.

‘In fact, I had no idea that it was her until she presented her credit card. She is also now the proud owner of my book “The Bibliomaniacs” and promised to send me feedback on it.’

The bookstore trip came a day after Heard was seen eating with Barlow, the former deputy editor of the music bible NME and contributor for New York Magazine.

Heard’s outing in Israel comes as both she and Depp filed appeals on the verdict the jury reached in their heated defamation case, which awarded Depp $10.35 million and Heard only $2 million.

She was ordered to pay Depp a total of $8.3 million after being found guilty of defamation, but says she doesn’t have enough cash to do so.

Ironically, The Daily Beast reported that attorneys for the actress were begging her to pursue what they felt were ‘tens of million of dollars’ she was entitled to through Depp’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ profits prior to their trial.

They alleged that because Depp made Pirates of the Caribbean 5 during the marriage, it was ‘community property’ and an asset Heard was entitled to half of.
Heard would not allow them to chase that money, with her lawyers saying via email that she was being ‘true to your word’ that it wasn’t about cash.

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