Gong Yoo’s Future Wife: Girlfriend and Dating Rumors
If you are a K-drama fan, you know who Gong Yoo is, as he is one of the best actors in South Korea. Gong Yoo is well-known for his outstanding acting skills and his good looks. With his undeniable charms, Gong Yoo captured a lot of fans’ hearts. No wonder a lot of people want to know if he is married and has a wife or not.

Gong Yoo claimed that he wanted to be married when he is 40 years old. Despite him being over 40 and every woman falling to his feet, Gong Yoo is still single, although he has dated before. Gong Yoo never revealed his girlfriend publicly, so apparently, he keeps his romantic life to himself. But, if one day he marries the love of his life, he probably will tell it to the media just like other celebrities.

Do you want to know more details about Gong Yoo’s love life? Let’s check this article out! We will explain his relationship status, his ideal type, dating rumors with other celebrities, and more!

Gong Yoo Is Not Married Yet, Who Is Going To Be His Wife?

Contrary to 2018 rumors, the Korean star did not get married and hasn’t found a lifelong partner. He doesn’t have children and a wife despite online information claiming he does. Until now, no evidence or information leads the public to believe he has an interest in getting married, seeking a wife, and building a family.

Rumor of Gong and actress Im Soo-jung’s secret marriage was circulation over the media in 2016, but in October 2016, Gong’s manager cleared all about his marriage rumors. But, in one of the interviews he attended, Gong Yoo confessed he wanted to get married at 40. He stated, “I think it is important to have a life with a woman whom I love as an actor and also as a man, but I have no fantasies about marriage.”

“Married life is going to be hard at times, but I want to feel everything no matter how hard it is. I also wonder how it is like to see my baby who resembles me stare at me,” he added. Even though he is currently still focusing on his acting career, the dream of building a family in the future is still in his mind.

Never Revealed His Girlfriend to Public, Gong Yoo Is Likely Single

Despite all the rumors about his love life, Gong Yoo is the type of artist that shy when talking about his private life. Gong Yoo’s fans are very anxious about his love life because of how much the fans love him; they don’t want the actor to give his love to anybody else but the fans. However, Gong Yoo revealed he is not yet into dating and wants to pursue more in his career.

He wants to be recognized for his acting career rather than his private life. He stated that dating somebody has become hard for him because he became comfortable with being single and preferred his single status. He revealed that he wouldn’t randomly choose a partner and be leaving things to chance.

So, when he shows interest in someone, it would be serious and less spontaneous. In one of his interactions with a fan, Gong Yoo promised that he would announce any romantic news before anyone else.

What Is Gong Yoo’s Ideal Type?

People are curious about why Gong Yoo is still single and what his ideal type is. Gong Yoo has shared that he wants to have an emotionally stable partner and search for someone secure and comfortable emotionally.

In another interview, the actor also says that he prefers someone whose personality isn’t reflected in their looks. He says he likes a woman who’s got a masculine style outside yet has feminine beauty inside. He doesn’t like women who dress fancy, elegant and ladylike. He adds that he prefers jeans over skirts and flats over heels.

For personality, he likes a woman who is relaxed and honest. He also states that he can’t handle someone who is being ‘too cute.’

So, are you Gong Yoo’s Ideal Type?
Information About Gong Yoo’s Dating Rumor

Gong Yoo was rumored to be dating some actresses although he isn’t the type of person who is open about their relationships. He rarely talks about his love life in public. Gong Yoo wants to be known because of his work, so he focuses on his acting and keeps his ‘real-life’ private.

Netizens believe that Gong Yoo has had girlfriends before, even though there’s no evidence but rumors. So, who are the women who are rumored to have dated Gong Yoo? Check out on the next page!

Gong Yoo and Im Soo Jung relationship, Secret Marriage and Daughter 2022 Updates

Gong Yoo and Im Soo Jung relationship, Secret Marriage and Daughter 2021 Updates

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Gong Yoo Family and Relationship
Gong Yoo is a Korean actor. His real name is Gong Ji-Cheol but he is more famous by his stage name Gong Yoo. He was born on July 10, 1979. He is 42 years old.

Gong is very famous for his dramas like Coffee Prince and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. His famous movies are Silenced, Train to Busan, and The Age of Shadows. In the drama, he met his bride after many centuries but in real life, he is still waiting for his bride.

People are very curious about his relationship and marriage life. But you will be shocked to hear that he is not married and not dating anyone. He is considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Korea but he has no plans of marriage. In an interview, he said that all his friends are married. They are the mother or father of elementary school kids. But I am mentally too young for marriage. He thinks marriage is the name of many responsibilities and he is still not ready for these responsibilities.

He has dating rumors with many actresses.

Gong Yoo wife Im soo Jung

She is a Korean actress. She is one of the prettiest faces in Korea. Im Soo had worked with top Korean actors. She had worked in the lead role with Gong Yoo in the Korean movie “Finding Mr. Destiny.” In this movie, Gong Yoo played the role of Han Gi Joon. Im Soo Jung played the role of Ji-woo. Their chemistry and bonding were very good.

The story of the movie was about a woman Ji Woo who wants to search for her first love. Han Gi Joon tries to help her in finding her first love but ends up falling in love with her. This unique story wins the audience’s heart.

Gong Yoo Im Soo Jung Secret Marriage

Netizens claimed that they are dating in real life. These rumors do not stop there but it was also said that they are secretly married.

They both denied it but people did not believe it for a time. Im Soo Jung said, “I am lucky that people are linking me with Gong Yoo but he is only a friend and colleague to me. We had a good time together during the movie”.

Gong Yoo Girlfriend 2021:

Gong Yoo once spoke about his first love. He said that the girl was out of the entertainment agency. They enjoyed their relationship but they broke up after a few months of dating.

He also added once he was drunk and texted a message to his ex-girlfriend but there was no reply. The next morning he again texted and asked for forgiveness for his mistake last night. But still, she did not reply. He said he is happy that things did not get complicated.

Goong Yoo Ideal Type:

He said he used to like stylish and unique women but now he likes women who are ordinary. He said he likes women who are tomboyish.

Gong yoo Daughter:
He is not married so, of course, he has not any daughter or child.

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