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Cost Per User Calculation Tool
Development of a modelling tool to support Triggerise in calculating our cost/user

1. Background and Context
Triggerise Stichting is a Dutch non-profit founded in 2014 that implements health and wellbeing programmes; since 2015 we have provided 1.4 million products and services to a community of 1.9 million platform users across 7 countries. Our programmes engage primarily engage adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), enrol them onto our digital platform, called Tiko, using their phone, or a Tiko card if they don’t have a phone, and give them access to subsidised sexual and reproductive (SRH) health services at clinics and pharmacies.

Triggerise is a donor-funded organisation and in a bid to ensure we remain cost-efficient, we’re looking for a consultant to develop an easy-to-use modelling tool which can support us in better understanding our cost per user.

Triggerise is a non-profit organisation, registered in the Netherlands and operating in 6 sub-saharan markets. It is positioned as a digital non-profit exponentially efficient at delivering scalable and verified Sexual and Reproductive Health impact among adolescents and young people in Sub-Saharan Africa. This “efficiency” is provided by the digital platform Triggerise develops and operates: Tiko.

Tiko is a connector between users, who demand sexual health services, and providers, who respond to these needs by providing them with quality services, for free. These services get verified by the platform and reimbursed to the providers for a fee pre-negotiated. In addition, users can get rewarded loyalty points which they can spend in participating shops.

Like most platform businesses, Tiko is in essence a very cost-effective model compared to traditional ways to deliver this type of impact. All “providers” are independent, supervision is powered by the technology and most of the time automated, and no asset is owned by the platform. Services, as well as communication with the platform (in the form of WhatsApp messages and SMS), are free to the user and no “subscription fee” is required.

Nevertheless, the cost efficiency of our model can be difficult to calculate, in particular, if we use a “cost per user” metric.

Some of our key questions are:
How to account for longer-term investments, such as research and development (R&D), innovations, brand development?
How to account for the “real cost” – besides the rate negotiated with all providers, cost of commodities and other “hidden costs” can be difficult to assess
What about the running costs of the organisation (overhead / indirect costs)
What are the different costs per user by market or demography?

2. Scope of Work
Triggerise is looking for a consultant to develop a modelling tool to generate a cost per user calculation, beyond just dividing our total budget by the number of users. We’re looking for an intelligent tool

that allows us to input our different costs and models what our current cost per user is.

This model should be:
Able to sub-segment the cost per user calculation based on the type of offers, users and geographies we work in
Clarify what costs are included and which ones are not
Be transparent and replicable enough, for external parties to recognize it and potentially adopt it

3. Expected Deliverables
The consultant is expected to:

Review Triggerise’s cost structure across the different departments;
Analyse how other organisations in both the private and not-for-profit sectors (including tech) calculate cost per user;
Propose a model for how Triggerise can calculate cost per user and receive feedback and inputs;
Develop a model for Triggerise to be able to use independently to calculate this metric.

4. Required Skills and Expertise
We are seeking a consultant with technical expertise and experience in the development of financial models.

Demonstrable expertise on developing financial models, either in private or not-for-profit sector (ideally for a tech company)
Ability to develop an easy-to-use model which can be used by Triggerise beyond the life of this consultancy
Expert command of Excel
Ability to translate complex inputs and outputs to a non-technical audience
Ability to respond to comments and questions in a timely, appropriate manner.
Excellent verbal and written communication in English required.

5. Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

Expertise, experience, and composition:

Expertise and experience in developing financial models
Team expertise in undertaking similar work
Total Weight: 40

Strength of the technical proposal:

The overall strength of the proposed methodology, including the ability to address the specific tasks outlined above within the anticipated timelines
Total Weight: 40


Value for money
The estimated budget guide for this work is € 15,000 and we will consider strongly competitive proposals to deliver the engagement within this limit
Total Weight: 20
How to apply
Firms and individuals are invited to submit proposals for this engagement. Proposals should include all relevant information including proposed approach, work plan, budget, capacity statement, qualifications to undertake the work and references.

The submission must be clear, concise, and complete. Applicants should submit only such information as is necessary to respond effectively to this request for proposals.

All applications should be sent to by the 19th August 2022 with “Cost Per User Consultancy” in the subject line.

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