Naftali Bennett Family, Net Worth , Parents, Wife , Children: All you need to know

Naftali Bennett is an Israeli Politician know all about him in this article as like his Family, Net Worth , Parents, Wife , Children, Education and Biography.

Naftali Bennett Biography

Name Naftali Bennett
Birthdate ( Age) 25 March 1972
Birthplace Haifa, Israel
Marital Status Married
Wife/Partner Gilat Bennett (m. 1999)
Children 4
Parents Jim Bennett, Myrna Bennett
Profession Former Defense Minister of Israel
Net Worth 32 million NIS ($9 million)

Naftali Bennett is an Israeli politician who served as Minister of Diaspora Affairs from 2013 to 2019 and as Minister of Defense from 2019 to 2020. He has led the New Right party since 2018, having previously led The Jewish Home party between 2012 and 2018.He entered politics in 2006, serving as Chief of Staff for Benjamin Netanyahu until 2008. In 2011, along side Ayelet Shaked, he co-founded the My Israel extra-parliamentary movement. In 2012, Bennett was elected because the party leader of The Jewish Home.

Naftali Bennett Family and Parents

Naftali Bennett was born in Haifa, Israel, on 25 March 1972. he’s the youngest of three sons born to Jim and Myrna Bennett, American Jewish immigrants who moved to Israel from San Francisco in 1967, a month after the Six-Day War.

His father’s Jewish roots come from Poland, Germany, and therefore the Netherlands. His maternal grandparents moved to San Francisco from Poland 20 years before the outbreak of war II, and relocated to Israel as seniors, deciding on Vitkin Street in Haifa. Through his paternal grandmother, Bennett may be a descendant of the Rappaport rabbinic family and of the Medieval Biblical commentator Rashi.

Some of his mother’s other relations who remained in Poland were murdered within the Holocaust. Both of Bennett’s parents observed Modern Orthodox Judaism. After moving to Israel, they volunteered for a couple of months at kibbutz Dafna, where they studied the Hebrew language, then settled within the Ahuza neighborhood of Haifa.Bennett has two brothers. One, Asher, may be a businessman now based within the uk . The other, Daniel, is an accountant for Zim Integrated Shipping Services.

Naftali Bennett Wife and Children

Bennett’s wife, Gilat, was secular, but now observes the Jewish Sabbath and religious Jewish kosher laws regarding food.She is a professional pastry chef. The couple have four children, and live in Ra’anana, a city 20 kilometres (12 mi) north of Tel Aviv.

TNaftali Bennett Net Worth

Naftali Bennett is an Israeli politician served as Minister of Diaspora Affairs and as Minister of Defense who has an estimated Net Worth is 32 million NIS ($9 million) in 2022.

Professional Career

Military service : Bennett was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in 1990. He served within the Sayeret Matkal and Maglan commando units as a corporation commander ,he continues to serve within the reserves today with the rank of major. Bennett served within the Israeli security zone in Lebanon during the 1982–2000 South Lebanon conflict. He took part in many operations, including Operation Grapes of Wrath.After his IDF service, Bennett received a academic degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.During the 2006 Lebanon War he was called up as a reservist within the Maglan Special Forces unit and took part during a search and destroy mission behind enemy lines, operating against Hezbollah rocket launchers.

Business career : Bennett moved to the Upper side of Manhattan to create a career as a software entrepreneur.In 1999 he co-founded Cyota, an anti-fraud software company, and served as its CEO. the corporate was sold in 2005 to RSA Security for $145 million, making Bennett a multimillionaire.

Political Career : On 31 January 2010 Bennett was appointed director-general of the Yesha Council and he led the struggle against the settlement freeze in 2010. He served during this position until January 2012.

In April 2012 he founded a movement named “Yisraelim” , “Israelis”. The movement’s main goals include increasing Zio Subsequently, Bennett resigned from the Likud and joined The Jewish Home, while announcing his candidacy for the party leadership. within the internal elections on 6 November 2012 he won 67% of the vote, and was elected head of The Jewish Home. within the 2013 legislative elections Bennett led the party to win 12 seats within the 19th Knesset.

After being reelected within the 2015 elections, Bennett was appointed Minister of Education and retained the Diaspora Affairs portfolio within the new government. In 2015, Netanyahu split the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, initially taking back the Jerusalem Affairs portfolio for himself.He later appointed Ze’ev Elkin to the role of Jerusalem Affairs Minister.

As Economy Minister, Bennett oversaw a replacement strategy by Israel to extend trade with emerging markets round the world and reduce trade with the ecu Union, so on diversify its foreign trade. the 2 main reasons for this shift are to require advantage of opportunities in emerging markets and to avert the threat of possible EU sanctions on Israel over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Bennett acknowledged that he was seeking to scale back Israel’s economic dependence on the EU to scale back its influence on Israel. consistent with the Financial Times, Bennett is that the primary architect of this economic pivot. Under his leadership, the Economy Ministry began opening new trade attaché offices in Asia, Africa, and South America, and also began closing some trade offices in Europe and consolidating others with offices in neighboring countries.

As Israel Prime Minister

Naftali Bennett was sworn on 13 June 2021 as Israel’s new Prime Minister, ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from power after an uninterrupted 12 years at the helm of affairs. His government has 27 ministers, nine of them women. The new government – an unprecedented coalition of ideologically divergent political parties drawn from the proper , the Left and therefore the Centre, along side an Arab party – features a razor-thin majority during a 120-member house. Mickey Levy of Yesh Atid party was elected because the speaker of Parliament with the support of 67 lawmakers.

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