Gabe Rygaard Bio : Ax Men deaths: List of cast members who have passed away

Quick facts of Gabe Rygaard
Date of Birth : August 3 , 1971
Age : 49 years old
Family Name : Rygaard
Birth Country : United States
Birth Sign : Leo
“The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” Former ‘Ax Men’ star Gabe Rygaard died too soon, but he left behind his goodwill, kindness, and business legacy.

What was the Net-Worth of Gabe Rygaard?

Gabe Rygaard amassed a sizable fortune through his various business ventures. His net worth was estimated to be $3 million at the time of his death.

He died as a result of a car accident.

One of the most important truths in life is that death comes unexpectedly. Nobody knows when they will die, and reality star Gabe Rygaard, for one, never expected to die unexpectedly, especially on his son’s birthday. Yes, Rygaard died on September 16, 2016, the 11th birthday of his youngest son. He died in a three-vehicle car accident when he was forty-five years old. His 1995 Ford Bronco collided with the rear end of a black Chevrolet Tahoe in front of him. The collision threw his car into a spin, and it only came to a halt when it collided with a Dodge Ram Van. The incident occurred in the United States. Highway 101, west of Port Angeles, a quarter-mile east of Laird Road.

The car accident injured a total of seven people. Other victims sustained minor injuries, but because Rygaard was not wearing a seat belt, he sustained major injuries and was taken to the Olympic Medical Center. The doctors later declared him dead. Gabe’s memorial service was held one week later, on September 23, 2016, at King’s Way Foursquare Church. More than 300 locals and visitors came to express their condolences.

Did Rygaard’s Wife Remarry?Gabe Rygaard was happily married to Katy Sotebeer-Rygaard at the time of his death. Though the exact date of their wedding is unknown, the couple is said to have started dating in 2003. When discussing her late husband, Kate mentioned that one of his best qualities was that he was generous and kind-hearted. She went on to say: “He put his heart and soul into everything he did. He worked, played, and loved with zeal, and he was bigger than life.” Thankfully, Kate has moved on from her grief over her husband’s death and has begun a new relationship. She proposed to her new boyfriend, Robert L Lightfoot II, on August 11, 2018, and the two married a year later, on August 12, 2019. She changed her name to Katy M. Lightfoot after marrying.

Three-Child Parent

Trilby Bowe Rygaard, Tucker Rygaard, and Aiden Rygaard are Rygaard’s three children. Trilby Ashley, his daughter, is married to Caleb Ashley and currently identifies as Trilby Ashley. Aiden Rygaard, Gabe’s eldest son, is an aspiring author. He received his bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Central Washington University in 2018. He also appeared alongside his father in the show “Ax Men” at one point. Tucker Rygaard, Rygaard’s youngest son, is fourteen years old as of February 2020. According to Gabe’s Facebook, he enjoyed spending time with his father, who frequently took him fishing, camping, and even attended his football game.

Professional Career

Gabe Rygaard grew up in a logging family, as his father, Craig Rygaard, was the owner of Rygaard Logging. He began learning the craft of logging when he was in elementary school and decided to pursue it as an adult. His grandfather, on the other hand, was opposed. In accordance with his father’s wishes, he enrolled in college.

He began working on a fishing boat in Alaska after finishing his education. He returned to his hometown and joined the family business after working there for a while. After working for his father, he decided to start his own company, Ryfield Properties Inc. Despite the fact that his company was successful, he later merged it with the family business. He was the owner-operator of Rygaard Logging Inc., as well as Ryfield Properties Inc. in Port Angeles and Penny Creek Quarry in Quilcene, Washington, at the time of his death.

A Life as a Reality TV Star

Rygarrd Logging Inc, Rygaard’s family business, was featured in the History Channel show “Ax Men,” where it debuted in season two and remained until the show’s cancellation in season ten. Though there are reports that the company did not directly profit from the show, there is no doubt that the show provided the company with exposure and free advertising.

Trivia and Facts

Gabe was born in Port Angeles, Washington, in the United States.
Craig Rygaard is his father’s name, and Kathy Rygaard is his mother’s name.
He grew up alongside his brother Jason Rygaard.
In 1989, he graduated from Port Angeles High School.
Rygaard was a Republican candidate for Clallam County Commissioner in the past.
He was a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks football team.

Ax Men deaths

Ax Men is a hit reality TV show that aired on the History channel between 2008 and 2019. Thanks to its talented cast, the ten-season TV show attracted impressive ratings and viewership. Unfortunately, some of its cast members died along the way. The pain of Ax Men deaths is still fresh in the hearts and minds of their families and fans.

Over the years, the entertainment scene has lost hundreds of talented stars. The list includes some Ax Men cast members who graced TV screens for years with top-notch content. Some of them died due to natural causes, while others succumbed to deadly illnesses and accidents.

Ax Men deaths

Which Ax Men cast member has died? At the time of writing, the show has lost five of its members. Below are their names, dates of demise, and the cause of their deaths.

1. Jimmy Smith

He is the first cast member to pass away. Jimmy Smith succumbed to cancer on 1st November 2012. The deceased reportedly battled the disease for a long period. The majority of his fans popularly knew him for being the owner of S&S Aqua Logging. A statement released by the History channel about his death read,

We are extremely saddened to report that our friend and beloved member of the Ax Men family, Jimmy Smith, passed away yesterday. All of us at HISTORY and Original Productions, along with our Ax Men team, would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Jimmy. From the first day we met Jimmy, we knew America needed to experience this truly one of a kind character. He will be deeply missed by us all. Please join us in sending your thoughts and prayers to Jimmy’s son, James, and the rest of his family.

During the time of his death, he was 56 years old. He died in Wenatchee, Washington. His family, friends, and colleagues attended his memorial at Leavenworth, Washington, on 17th November 2012. Interestingly, he had appeared on five seasons of the show before his sudden demise. What happened to James Smith Jr from Ax Men? Since his father’s demise, he has led a low-key life. Previously, he helped his father with underwater logging. Many fans expected him to assume his father’s position as the captain of Logzilla.

2. William Bart Colantuono

William Bart Colantuono is the second among Ax Men deaths. The Ax Men star died in a helicopter crash at the age of 54. The incident occurred in Linn County near Detroit on 17th November 2013. Unfortunately, Bart was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Colantuono was a Navy pilot and had significant experience in the field of aviation. It was reported that he was transporting logs using the helicopter when he met his death. Overall, he will forever be remembered for the top-notch heli-logging skills he displayed in seasons two and three of the TV show.

3. Gabe Rygaard

Gabe Rygaard died on 16th September 2016. He died in a road accident involving three vehicles in Washington, a few miles outside his hometown. Sadly, by the time of his demise, he was 45 years old. According to IMDb, the co-owner of Rygaard Logging had appeared in 22 episodes of the show between 2015 and 2016. The father of three and a native of Port Angeles will dearly be missed not only by his family members but also by his fans.

Is Rygaard Logging Inc closed? No. The company is still operating. If you have been following the show, you may notice that it is featured in season ten. Perhaps, the family decided to continue its operation to honour Rygaard.

4. Stacey Robeson

Stacey Robeson was an American TV personality who was born on 11th May 1980. The star was among the top loggers the show has ever had. He, precisely, starred on the show as Pihl Logging’s yarder engineer in 2019. Arguably, Stacey from Ax Men death came as a shock to many fans. Part of the statement released by his brother, Jalaina Robeson,

People close to him announced that the Ax Men died on 15th December 2018. Initially, some people alleged that he died in a logging accident. Later, others speculated that he succumbed to a heart attack. As a result, the speculations made it even more challenging to establish the cause of his death. The star died at the age of 38, leaving behind three children and a wife.

5. Dwayne Dethlefs

Dwayne Dethlefs was born on 29th December 1958 in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. He was a professional logger, hunter, and fisher. He joined the cast of Ax Men in 2009, appearing in six episodes. At the time of his death, he was 60 years old. According to his obituary, he died at his home on 6th December 2019. The cause of his death is yet to be made public. Many, however, believe that he died a natural death. The star was experienced, dedicated, diligent, and funny. Like the rest, he will be remembered for a long time to come due to his personality and work.

Indeed, Ax Men deaths have left a big and irreplaceable gap in the industry. The stars were extraordinarily talented, diligent, brave, and dedicated. Overall, they will continue to be missed, but their work lives on.

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