Young Dolph camo cars: Challenger, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more (PHOTOS)

Even though his death comes as a blow and nobody wishes this tragedy, Young Dolph’s life was well-lived. The Chicago-born rapper was shot and killed on Wednesday, November 17, in Memphis.

**How did Young Dolph die?**

According to FOX13, the incident transpired at Makeda’s Butter Cookies. Narrating the incident, the shop owner, Maurice Hill, said his employees told him that Young Dolph walked into the store to buy cookies. Then, someone drove up and shot and shot him at the South Memphis bakery.

**What is the police doing about Young Dolph’s death?**

The Memphis police have launched a preliminary investigation into the killing of the rapper. Although the investigation points to Young Dolph being the victim, the identification process has not been completed.

## What is Young Dolph net worth 2021?

Before his death, Young Dolph, 36, had a net worth of $3 million.

**Young Dolph cars**

Young Dolph had mad love for cars – and he preferred the luxury ones. He could drop a tonne of cash on the most advanced customised automobile.

Before his death, the “Preach” hitmaker created a stand-out automobile collection that exhibits his more prominent-than-life personality.

In 2018, he gave Dub Magazine access to his garage, where he showed off his super expensive fleet of camouflage cars.


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