Who is Dylan Dreyer nanny?

**Dylan Dreyer** is a television host from the United States.

Dylan is of Caucasian descent and a U.S. citizen. In terms of education, Dreyer earned a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Rutgers University in 2003.

She began her career in 2007 at NBC affiliate station WHDH in Boston, Massachusetts, and worked her way up to the top of her career when she joined NBC News in 2012.

She currently works with NBC Nightly News.
Dreyer is also an anchor for 3rd Hour Today on NBC.

## Why did Dylan Dreyer quit Weekend Today and MSNBC?

Dylan Dreyer left **Weekend Today** to devote more time to her three children.

She has been a part of the show for almost a decade, commencing in September 2012. During this time, she married her boyfriend Brian and had three children.

## How many children does Dylan Dreyer have?

Dylan married Brian Fichera, an NBC cinematographer, in 2012. They first met at WHDH in Boston, where they both worked.

Dylan Dreyer has 3 children as of 2022 with her husband Brian. Their children’s names are **Calvin Bradley** **Fichera**, **Oliver George** **Fichera**, and **Russell** **James**.

## Who is Dylan Dreyer nanny?

Dylan Dreyer doesn’t have a **nanny yet** for her 3 children even though she came close to getting one. In fact, she is her own nanny.

According to Dylan, her husband Brian has been her backbone throughout her maternity days and he is always with the kids making sure they follow the right path and home procedures perfectly.

She has high hopes of acquiring the services of a nanny soon.


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