Lamar Jackson braids: Football players with long hair

American football quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League, Lamar Jackson, known for his unique braids, has been reportedly excluded from the Bears’ clash.

Reports suggest that he had been absent from training for some weeks and may not be available anytime soon.

## Why is Lamar Jackson out vs. Bears?

According to journalist Ian Rapoport, Jackson isn’t feeling well; hence, he will not start for the Ravens. He said he is fighting a virus but not a COVID-related illness, as some reports claim.

He tweeted on Sunday, November 21, 2021: “Source: #Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, questionable with an illness, is out vs. the #Bears. Tyler Huntley slated to get the start.”

Before dropping more information: “Lamar Jackson is dealing with a virus so bad that he’s simply not himself. He flew to Chicago and tried to stay hydrated. But it was too much. He’s out.”

Lamar Jackson is known for his fearless power on the ball on the football pitch. However, one thing that is unique about him is his look and off-the-pitch lifestyle.

Lamar Jackson [braids]( place him among the famous football players with long hair, even though he doesn’t have long hair. Just like Brian Bosworth is known for ‘the boz haircut’ in NFL, Lamar Jackson has inspired many.

He got his new braids two years ago, and he has received even more love after that.

Below, we share with you ten times Lamar Jackson braids look suitable on him.

1. Staying focused, despite his health issues

2. I mean the braids look good on him, but when he loses it…

3. Hi five!


2. \4. Trophy Room look

\5. Minding his business but flexing on us

\6. The world’s coolest kid

\7. Enjoying the night view in Antarctica

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\9. Something cool

\10. He respects legends and we love that!

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