Lady Gaga daughter: Who is Lady Gaga’s daughter?

Lady Gaga is an American singer and actress born Joanne Stefani Germanotta on March 28, 1986. She has always had a keen interest in music.

The gorgeous queen is not married presently, but she has dated a couple of high profile men in the past.

Gaga dated DJ Luc Carl from 2007 to 2008 before becoming successful.

In 2009, she dated American music sensation Speedy Gonzales, although their romance only lasted a few months

Gaga reunited with DJ Luc Carl in 2010, but their romance only lasted a year before they divorced in 2011.

Taylor Kinney fell in love with the magnificent singer in 2011. They married in 2015 but parted ways in July 2016.

However, it only took a few months for Gaga to start dating talented agent Christian Carino.

They started dating in February 2017 and got engaged later that year. They were in a relationship for two years till they split up in February 2019.

## Who is Lady Gaga’s daughter? What is her name?

Lady Gaga has never been the mother of any children. Lady Gaga disclosed in May 2021 that she became pregnant at the tender age of 19 after being raped by a record producer. She however did not specify whether she had an abortion or suffered a miscarriage. She is a godmother to Sistilia, a daughter of Brian Manny and his wife, Angie.

## How old is Lady Gaga’s daughter and how old was Lady gaga when she had her daughter?

Lots of tabloids however claim the born this way hitmaker had adopted a daughter to fill the empty vacuum in her life. These claims are incorrect because she is mostly spotted with numerous kids online. She was pregnant in 2005 hence her baby would have been 15 years old if he or she was alive.

## What does lady Gaga daughter look like?

Lady Gaga has however added an additional job to her resume. The “Applause” singer rushed to Instagram early Monday to acknowledge the important family occasion, sharing a gorgeous black and white photo of herself with her infant goddaughter, Sis


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