Dan Marino children: Meet Daniel, Michael, Joseph, Alexandra and more

Dan Marino is right up there with the great quarterbacks in NFL history.

The 59-year-old Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback revealed little about his personal side and family life.

## Dan Marino children: MeetDaniel Marino, Michael Marino, Joseph Marino, Alexandra Marino, Lia Marino, Niki Lin Marino, and Chloe Savattere

The Hall-of-Fame passer has six children with Claire; Daniel Marino, Michael Marino, Joseph Marino, Alexandra Marino, Lia Marino, and Niki Lin Marino. Lia and Niki Lin were born in China and adopted by the Marinos.

Dan has kept his wife and children out of the spotlight for many years, and they live their lives accordingly so.

Michael, who was diagnosed with Autism when he was younger, was arrested in South Florida on DUI charges in 2018 while he was working as a professional DJ under the name “DJ One Trey,” a nod to his father’s No. 13 jersey.

Alexandra goes by Ali Claire Marino and is a fashion stylist based in New York.

Their other children live life out of the spotlight, which is why there isn’t a whole lot of information on them.

In January 2013, Marino admitted to fathering a child with CBS employee Donna Savattere in 2005, a fact he only shared with his wife. The child is called Chloe Savattere.

He previously paid Savattere several million dollars to keep the news of their daughter from the public.

So, Dan Marino has seven children in total.



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