Ariel Helwani Wife: Ariel Helwani Is Living Happily With His Wife Jaclyn Stein, Know About His Married Life and Children

Ariel Helwani is a Canadian journalist best known for his controversy with UFC. Ariel, who is also a mixed martial artist was banned from UFC in 2016 for a lifetime after he reported the news regarding Brock Lesnar’s return on UFC 200 before UFC announced the topic. However, after just two days on 6th June, his ban was rescinded.
The 35-year-old despite the controversy is one of the best journalists in the industry. He was honored with the title of MMA Journalist of the Year consistently from 2010 to 2015. He also won a World MMA Awards in 2016. He has also interviewed some big names in the sports industry like Rampage Jackson, Michael Bisping, and Frankie Edgar.
Apart from these, he has won many other awards and honors. However, here we are not talking about the journalist’s achievements. Today, we are going to talk about his personal life and children. Continue reading to know more.

Ariel Helwani married to wife Jaclyn Stein. Know about their children
Journalist Ariel Helwani, whose net worth is estimated in millions, is currently married to a woman named Jaclyn Stein. There is not much information about the woman, but through her Instagram, we know that she has a love for art. She can be seen posting some painting time and again followed by some jewelry she loves to make at home. She is also a very charitable person, and she has partnered with organizations like Red Cross, and Cure Foundation. Her mantra in life is to give.

Like any other TV personality, there are fewer details about their personal life. The detail about their wedding is unknown, especially their marriage date. But we are certain that their wedding took place in a lovely ceremony.

In an Instagram post, Ariel shared the picture of his wife and their newborn baby girl captioning he met his wife back in 1994 when they were just in 7th grade. Moreover, in 2016, they were married for eight years which means they got married back in 2008.

Together, the pair has three children. As per the Instagram post, his youngest daughter was born on 29th Oct 2016 around 12:26 AM. Moreover, we also know that the name of their second son, who is currently 3-years old and was born on 25th Feb 2014, is Walter.

More about their married life
The pair have been together since elementary school and is one of the lovely couples. On 28th March 2015, the journalist shared a picture of his wife on Instagram wishing her a Happy 33rd Birthday.

Their love story almost sounds like something that we get to hear in a tale or a movie. Two people fell in love with each other at a very young age and even got married and have been living happily along with their children.

We wish the couple the very best not only for their lovely love life and family but also for their bright career.


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