Job Opportunity at Plan International, Project Coordinator | LATEST JOBS

Job Opportunity at Plan International, Project Coordinator | LATEST JOBS

Position: Project Coordinator

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Company: Plan International

4 months maternity cover from august to december 2022


Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that promotes children’s rights and equality for girls. The program has more than 80 years of experience and operates in more than 75 countries around the world. We strive for a just world, working with children, youth, our supporters and allies

Plan International has been operating in Kenya since 1991. Our work helps marginalized children and youth, especially adolescent girls, to grow physically and mentally and to be ready to shape their future. We create an enabling environment and enable girls to be active drivers of change in realizing their rights. We prioritize working with partners, and ensure that all our work is based on evidence
The Keeping Adolescent Girls in School (KAGIS) project is a 5-year project funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC’s), which aims to address key barriers to adolescent girls’ access to safe, quality and gender-based education, with particular focus. their unique needs and barriers associated with participation in primary and secondary school. The Final Outcome of the project, ‘Adolescent girls recognize their right to a secure, quality, gender-based education’, will be achieved through a three-pronged approach, the basis for justice, and gender change to address the needs and constraints of the supply chain, while strengthening local level management and building improved relationships between education, health and child protection systems

This role will coordinate the planning and implementation of KAGIS project activities in collaboration with Technical Leaders and implementing partners to achieve the key project objectives effectively. He will ensure that the project adheres to the Theory of Change and aligns with government guidelines and works towards gender equality during activities. He will be involved in planning, implementing and monitoring project progress, preparing donor reports and coordinating project meetings. Report this position to the Project Director.

Dimensions of the Role
Promote and maintain effective partnerships with all implementation partners and government departments.
Ensure that project partners are assisted to deliver high quality project results in a timely manner based on donor needs and encourage networking and collaboration between implementation partners.

Evaluate performance against agreed project goals, indicators, and standards / methods.

Ensuring accurate, adequate and timely flow of information and reports of development narratives (internal and external)
Prepare annual operating plans and oversee the project budget to ensure that agreed outcomes are delivered on time and within the existing budget.
Ensures effective management of financial and material resources in accordance with PLAN International policies and donor requirements in collaboration with the Program Director and Finance Manager.
Ensure that partners submit timely funding applications and financial refunds.
Coordinate activities and ensure their implementation, in accordance with the plans and procedures set to achieve intervention goals.
Coordinate all necessary technical contributions from the project team that contribute to the implementation of the intervention, and ensure that external expertise is mobilized in a timely manner and when required.
Coordinate the implementation of capacity building for partners to contribute to improving the organization, processes and systems and capacity of their employees.
Coordinate the process of learning how intervention contributes to the promotion of gender equality to ensure that knowledge and / or outcomes resulting from this process are disseminated.

Conducts community visits to monitor project-related activities in the project area to improve software delivery.
Provides technical evaluation of progress, identifies quality deficits and makes contributions to make frequent improvements.
Make regular visits to partners in Kibondo region to provide technical assistance for the management of the implementation of project activities.
To develop and maintain good relations with the departments of education and community development at the Regional and District levels
It enables building partnerships, networks and partnerships with other stakeholders in project areas to increase program effectiveness.
Ensures that child and youth protection policy is included in all education-related educational activities
Ensures proper program design in all project activities to achieve Plan International goals
Contribute to the development of work plans, budget preparation, and field implementation
Make sure the projects comply with Plan International policies and all documents are properly maintained.
For coordination with the communications and influence section, coordinate all project communication activities to ensure all project information and results are shared with all stakeholders.
Perform other appropriate tasks as directed by the Project Director
Communication and Labor Relations:


This position works closely with Program staff at PU level, as well as Program Coordinators, all PU Monitoring and Evaluation staff and Project Managers / Directors (above)
This position works closely with the topic (middle)
This position works closely with project partners in Plan International Canada (above)

This position works closely with M&E of local (middle) partner organizations

Key relationships

Head of M&E, CP, and Education
Gender and Involvement, Communication and Influence
Networks operating within the Program
International Plan of Canada
Technical expertise, skills and knowledge

Required Experience and Attributes

Minimum undergraduate degree in Social Development, Education, Social Sciences, International Development or equivalent. The Master’s degree will be an additional benefit

Minimum level of three (3) years experience as technical staff in related fields
Minimum 2 years of training / capacity building for communities and partners
Experience in monitoring of Education, Child Protection and ASRH projects.
Ability to work independently with minimal management
Ability and willingness to travel hard in the fields
Computer skills – MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other related packages.


An in-depth understanding of the education system in Tanzania, especially the girl child education challenges
Knowledge of the sexual approach to programming
Demonstrated skills in developing and guiding gender change in software delivery
It promotes, motivates, trains and promotes high quality employees
Knowledge in leading many stakeholders with complex relationships
In-depth knowledge of project management techniques

Analysis and problem solving skills
Excellent computer skills in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
Ability to work under multicultural contexts and disciplines
Excellent communication skills, and demonstrated ability to write technical reports
It has shown leadership, skill, and integrity
Speaking and writing fluently in English and Kiswahili
Hard work and the ability to work independently with minimal management
Honesty, integrity, transparency and transparency.
Working to achieve team goals
Be able to Respect all groups of people in the community and culturally sensitive
Influencing and being able to work with different cultural contexts
Motivated, empowered and striving to promote and help others
Directing results to team player
Working in the interests of the organization and children
Valuing the rights of the child and gender equality

Knowledge and experience and project management of Global Affairs Canada (GAC’s) project.
Project management experience and project skills that support girls’ education.
Consistent software management, presentation, team formation and personal skills
High level of thinking and problem solving skills.
Commitment to girls’ development and a work ethic.
Work in the context of high pressure deadlines for the profession
Manage the project with strict reporting deadlines
Working with the project team and ensuring that project results are achieved on time without compromising quality
Good command on conflict resolution while maintaining key relationships: Ability to resolve conflicts

Plan and organize your own work, interpret the instructions and choose the appropriate methods / tools for presentation.
International Program Values ​​in Practice

We are open and accountable

It fosters a culture of openness and transparency, including donors and donors.
He holds himself and others accountable for their high moral standards.
Consistency and fairness in folk medicine.
Identify mistakes and be prepared to learn from them.
Responsible for ensuring we are a safe organization for all children, girls and young people
We strive to achieve lasting results
It defines a clear intention for employees and sets high expectations.
It creates an environment of sustainable improvement, open to new challenges and ideas.
It focuses on resources to bring about change and maximizes long-term effects, which respond to changes in priorities or conflicts.
Based on evidence and evaluation of effectiveness.
We work well together

You are looking for constructive ideas, you are listening to others, you are ready to compromise where necessary.
It builds good relationships in the Global Plan to support our common goals.
It promotes trust and ‘win-win’ relationships with donors, partners and the community.
Collaborates and works well with others outside the organization to create a better world for all girls and children.
We include and facilitate

You are looking for constructive ideas, you are listening to others, you are ready to compromise where necessary.
It builds good relationships in the Global Plan to support our common goals.
It promotes trust and ‘win-win’ relationships with donors, partners and the community.
Collaborates and works well with others outside the organization to create a better world for all girls and children.
Physical Environment

The work environment will include the usual office environment and the field environment
The position requires regular field trips, at least 70% of officer work
Level of communication with children

Central communication: Regular interaction with children during reflection, evaluation and research meetings


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