The Tonight Show implicated in using filters for Kim Kardashian’s bit with Jimmy Fallon ahead of her appearance

  • The Tonight Show implicated in using filters for Kim Kardashian’s bit with Jimmy Fallon

A prominent Instagram account implied that The Tonight Show used multiple filters in their posting of a bit between Kim Kardashian and Jimmy Fallon prior to her appearance on Tuesday’s episode.

The account, which has more than 239,000 followers under the Instagram handle @problematicfame, says it aims to spread ‘awareness on how instagram can impact beauty standards,’ adding that ‘posts are not accusations.’

The Tonight Show implicated in using filters for Kim Kardashian's bit with Jimmy Fallo

In an opening bit on the show, titled ‘Kim and Jim Check In Before the Show Begins,’ the 41-year-old socialite and 47-year-old late night host had an exchange in which they communicated in short words and phrases rhyming with Kim and Jim.

A series of clips on Instagram Stories highlighted what appeared to be aesthetic inconsistencies in how the reality star was presented across multiple platforms The Tonight Show featured the segment in.

The NBC staple posted the clip to the show’s accounts on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, as well as Fallon’s personal account on Instagram.

‘Did anyone catch the filter glitch here,’ one post from the account read.

A follow-up post read: ‘So, in my opinion, the clips of kim are all blurred to some extent BUT the first clip is a lot less filtered than the rest.

Two more frames showed contrasts of the presentation of Kardashian in the clip, in which there appeared to be differing filters.

In the appearance on the show, Kardashian opened up to Fallon about her romance with boyfriend Pete Davidson, stemming from her October 9, 2021 hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.

Kardashian admitted she ‘had never seen SNL before’ prior to her outing on the comedy staple, noting that she ‘had gone to one taping of Eddie Murphy, and … had gone backstage.’

Fallon gestured toward himself as an alum of the NBC series, to which Kim said, ‘I gotta be honest: I had no idea you were on.’

Kardashian clarified that she knew the show ‘was so iconic,’ but was not familiar with its vaunted history.

She told Fallon an anecdote about a brush with another famed cast member of the series that illustrated her unfamiliarity with the iconic variety show.

‘Even a month after, I was at dinner, and Will Ferrell was sitting right next to me – the show had just aired, when I was on – and he had mentioned he had seen it,’ Kardashian said. ‘And I literally had to text Pete and be like, “Wait, was Will Ferrell on SNL?” And I was so embarrassed.’

Kardashian said that she has since ‘been schooled’ on the history of the series and its alums, as her boyfriend was a cast member for eight seasons.

Kardashian appeared to promote her new skincare line Skkn by Kim.

Source: Daily Mail

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