‘She has nothing to lose’: Amber Heard will ‘write a tell-all book’ because she’s ‘broke’ from $8M defamation loss to Johnny Depp – after the actress was seen shopping in discount store TJ Maxx

Amber Heard will 'write a tell-all book' because she's 'broke' from $8M defamation loss to Johnny Depp

Amber Heard will ‘write a tell-all book’ because she’s ‘broke’ from $8M defamation loss to Johnny Depp:

  • Amber Heard is reportedly in talks to write a tell-all book in order to earn money and pay the $8.3 million in damages owed to ex-husband Johnny Depp
  • An insider source claimed Heard was ‘broke’ and had ‘nothing to lose’
  • Heard has also publicly admitted she cannot pay Depp after the jury awarded him $10 million and her only $2 million in their highly publicized court battle
  • It comes after Heard claimed she wanted to move on from the messy saga, yet continues to repeated her allegations of abuse against Depp

Amber Heard is in talks to write a tell-all book to boost her income after her $ 8 million defamation suit loss against ex-husband Johnny Depp, reports say.

A source close to the Aquaman star claimed the 36-year-old actress was ‘broke’ and not ‘in a position to turn down money.’

They said she ‘considers her career in Hollywood over’ and ‘has nothing to lose’ following a disastrous few months.

It comes after Heard admitted she cannot afford the $8.3million in damages awarded to Depp on June 1 during their defamation battle.

The actress has since been spotted bargain shopping at discount store TJ Maxx in New York.

The insider told OK! Magazine: ‘Amber considers her career in Hollywood over. She’s already in talks and is excited about it. At this point, she has nothing to lose and wants to tell all.’

Speaking in her first public interview last week since her court loss, Heard had claimed she was ‘terrified’ of telling her side of the story, where she accused Depp and physically and sexually assaulting her throughout their tumultuous marriage.

Heard told Dateline she had been wounded by the ‘hate and vitriol’ directed at her, but did not regret bringing the case to court despite her loss and its high publicity.

‘I know the scariest, most intimidating thing for anybody talking about sexual violence is not being believed, being called a liar, or being humiliated,’ she said.

Heard said she was not speaking out because she was ‘vindictive’.

‘This would be a really lousy way of getting vengeance,’ she said. ‘As silly as it is to say this out loud, my goal is – I just want people to see me as a human being.’

Despite continuing to air her allegations, Heard insisted that she wants nothing more than to move on with her life, telling Guthrie: ‘I look forward to living my life and I have a long one, I hope, in front of me. And I will continue to walk through this with my chin up.’

Going back on her statement to write a tell-all could land Heard into hot water again, according to Dror Bike, a New York divorce lawyer and best-selling author.

‘Depp and his attorneys will be reading and listening to everything that Heard states,’ author Dror Bikel told OK! ‘If she crosses the line, which is likely, there is no question that will be hit with another defamation suit and end up right back in court.’

Heard could also stand to face yet another backlash from the public, which slammed her for repeating her allegations against Depp during her Dateline interview.

It is unclear whether Depp will enforce the ruling and ask Heard to pay the high sum of money in its totality.

His lawyers have hinted that might not be the case, saying his motivation behind the lawsuit, which was to restore his reputation after Heard raised claims of domestic abuse in a 2016 Washington Op-ed, has already been achieved.

It would come as a relief to Heard as she was already spotted penny pinching while out bargain shopping at a TJ Maxx in New York earlier this week.

The 36-year-old actress and her sister, Whitney Henriquez, indulged in an evening of bargain shopping at the Bridgehampton retail store, TMZ reported.

According to the outlet, the sisters were seen perusing racks for clothes and discussing white linen pants.

Since the trials conclusion, heard also released a ‘binder full’ of notes from her therapist, which she claims is fresh evidence proving her allegations of physical and sexual abuse against her Depp – despite the notes already being dismissed by the judge.

Heard turned over ‘years’ worth’ of notes taken by her therapist detailing instances when she says the actor ‘hit her, threw her against a wall, and threatened to kill her’.

However, the judge in her trial against Depp had already dismissed the notes as ‘hearsay’ and barred her legal team from submitting the documents as evidence.

Nevertheless, the actress has now gone public with the binder, which ‘dates back to 2011 from the very beginning of her relationship’.

The notes contain descriptions of violence dating back to January 2012, when ‘Heard told her therapist Depp ‘hit her, threw her on the floor.”

Eight months after that he ‘ripped her nightgown, threw her on the bed’ and then in 2013 ‘he threw her against a wall and threatened to kill her’, the notes allege.

Heard faces FURIOUS backlash online for REPEATING abuse allegations against Depp in Today interview


Twitter users unleashed a furious tirade on Amber Heard after she sat down for an explosive interview with the Today show in which she discussed the ‘unfair’ verdict in her defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp, calling the interview ‘painful to watch’ and claiming that they’ve ‘heard enough of her sickening lies.’

During the shocking new interview, the actress insisted that she’s going to ‘stand by every word of her testimony until the day she dies,’ less than two weeks after she was found guilty of defaming her ex by claiming that he abused her during their marriage.

The 36-year-old blasted Depp, 59, as a ‘liar’ and reiterated her claims that he beat her during their marriage, while speaking to Today host Savannah Guthrie.

Now, the Aquaman star is facing fierce backlash from social media users – with one

accusing her of ‘acting’ throughout the appearance and another saying it made them ‘sick to their stomach’ to listen to her ‘bull s**t.’

‘I’ve heard enough of her sickening lies,’ one person wrote on Twitter after the interview aired.

‘She is such a liar that is just painful to watch,’ added another, while someone else said, ‘And the Oscar goes to…’

A fourth tweet read, ‘Contrived performance yet again.’

Other viewers tweeted, ‘She needs professional help,’ and, ‘What a sad human being.’

‘I’m sick of listening to her BS. Listening to her made me sick to my stomach. She contradicts herself constantly. her 15 minutes of fame is over,’ wrote a different Twitter user.

Another person slammed the Today show for ‘enabling an abuser,’ while someone else said the network has ‘sunk to a new low,’ and a third bashed them for ‘giving credit to a manipulative piece of s**t like Heard.’

‘Nobody believes her Savannah. Give it up and stop interviewing abusers,’ responded one disgruntled Twitter user.

‘Shame on you. Women do tell lies, they are not always truthful, and this witch got caught. Her reputation is done.’

Another wrote, ‘Quit enabling this abuser and stop giving her air time. She said she wanted to move on, so why is she not?’

‘Nice to see news [organizations] still giving credit to a manipulative piece of s**t like Amber Heard,’ agreed someone else.

‘If this trial had gone the other way, no chance in Hell we’d see any news org even touch Johnny Depp. But that’s the news nowadays – needs viewers, clicks, and money.’

‘As if she was not given a chance to prove her side in the court?’ asked a different user. ‘Now NBC has given [her] that opportunity? I hate [NBC] to the core.’

‘So sad. The Today show has sunk to a new low,’ read another tweet.

‘Enough already – these two celebrities have gotten more court time and TV time than important things. Stop covering this toxic slurry relationship… Please!’ begged a different person.

‘She’s a liar. Why would she be given a platform to continue to lie?’ tweeted one viewer, while another called it a ‘total waste of broadcast time.’

‘NBC gives domestic abusers the spotlight. Shame on NBC,’ wrote another user.

Someone else said, ‘Interview the abuser and promote her lies, meanwhile, ignore the victim.’

‘Why the Hell are you seriously allowing this abuser a platform? It’s shameful, it really is. Stop enabling her,’ read a different tweet.

Source: Daily Mail

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