Lisette Garcia Morelos Zaragoza Biography: What You need to know about His brother Rodrigo Garcia Morelos Zaragoza

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Lisette Garcia Morelos Zaragoza Biography

The lead actress in the movie; THE IMPOSTER, Blanca Guerrero’ s real name is Lisette Morelos (Lisette Garcia Morelos-Zaragoza). She was born on 21st May, 1978, she is 42 years old. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She is a Mexican actress, singer and model. Lisette started her acting career at a young age. She was 17 when she had her first movie called Tu y Yo.

Her parents are Gustavo Garcia and Maria Isabel Morelos-Zaragoza. She has a brother called Rodrigo Garcia Morelos-Zaragoza. She attended Centro de Educatión Artística. She got married to John Bainbridge in 2005 but they got divorced in 2012. She lives in Canada and has been involved in Telenovelas with lots of actors and actresses like; Eduardo Capetillo, Miguel de León, Gabriel Soto and many more.

Lisette Garcia Morelos Zaragoza

She has gotten a lot of nominations and awards, and is counted as one of the best actresses in Mexico. Her role in the imposter movie made her very popular and the favourite of many. Please stay tuned for more updates on all your favourite celebrities across the world. Kindly do well to like, comment and share. Thank you, Gracias!

Lisette Garcia Morelos Zaragoza Biography


Lisette Morelos born: Lisette Garcia Morelos-Zaragoza Mexican actress. Wikipedia

Date of birth 1978 21st of May (age 39) Mexico City Mexico

Spouse: John Bainbridge (married. 2005. –2012. )

The movies : Forward, Imposter

Parents: Maria Isabel Morelos-Zaragoza, Gustavo Garcia

Brothers : Rodrigo Garcia Morelos-Zaragoza

Lisette Garcia Morelos Zaragoza

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