Pam Anderson Now: Where is Pamela Anderson Now, All You Need to Know


Pam Anderson Now – Where is Pamela Anderson now. Rumour has it that she won’t watch Hulu’s Pam & Tommy and is making her own Netflix documentary instead – what else has she done since quitting social media?

In a nutshell, Pam Anderson has been married six times including to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, poker player Rick Salomon (twice) and Hollywood producer Jon Peters.

She is still famous for the red swimsuit as Baywatch’s C.J. Parker and playing a starring role on the US Playboy cover for 14 times. She is now 54 years old and she is reclaiming her legacy.

What Does Pam Anderson Do Now

After she quit social media, she Pam Anderson decided to go back to Canada. In 2020, Pam Anderson moved back to her hometown of Vancouver Island, Canada. According to the New York Times, Pam Anderson is currently living in her grandmothers property where she grew up.

Pamela Anderson is considered the modern-day Hollywood’s archetypal sex symbol. Other than featuring in the red swimsuit-clad C.J. Parker hit television series Baywatch from 1992-1997, she is one of the famous playboy girls of all time, having appeared on the cover of the magazine 14 times and 100 times in the entire world.

She has stayed away from the limelight and her last movie appearance was in 2018. Her life has sprout into the spotlight again in 2022 after the launch of Hulu’s new series Pam & Tommy . Which showcases her life and relationship with Tommy Lee, the party-loving drummer of 80s glam rock band Mötley Crüe.

What has Pam Been Up to Lately

She has been married six times – with her shortest marriage lasting 12 days

After four years of entanglement to Lee. Pam Anderson married Kid Rock in July 2006 before calling the marriage off that year. She married again in 2007 to a poker player Rick Salomon. This marriage was however annulled . The two reunited and remarried in 2014 but divorced later that year.

In 2020, Anderson, 54, married a Hollywood producer John Peters before filing a divorce 12 days later. According to Page Six they had married on excitement and she changed her mind a day and a half later.

Pam Anderson Now

Seven months later, Pam Anderson married her former bodyguard Dan Hayhurst. They tied the knot on Christmas eve 2020 and were together throughout the pandemic. However according to People they broke up one year after marriage.

She quit social media and moved back to Canada

After she quit social media, she Pam Anderson decided to go back to Canada. In 2020, Pam Anderson moved back to her hometown of Vancouver Island, Canada. According to the New York Times, Pam Anderson is currently living in her grandmothers property where she grew up.

She made an announcement she was quiting social media in January 2021 posting that, “This will be my last post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I’ve never been interested in social media. And now that I’m settled into the life I’m genuinely inspired by reading and being in nature. I am free.”

She has been supporting her causes

Despite her absence on social media, Pamela continues to speak through the Pamela Anderson Foundation. The Foundation supports Peta, the National Sexual Violence Resource Centre and The International Fund for Animal Welfare, also publishes videos, letters and poetry from Anderson on its website.

Is Pam & Tommy A True Story And How Accurate Is It?

The series follows real-life stories of the Baywatch star and the Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee in the mid-1990s – portrayed by Lily James and Sebastian Stan – as the media mania surrounding their unauthorized sex tape unravelled.

Pamela Anderson is releasing a documentary with Netflix

However, her social media stint was resurrected when she re-joined Instagram on March 2 to announce her upcoming documentary with Netflix.

The mum-of-two teased a tell-all film with the streaming platform in the wake of Pam & Tommy’s success. Her post read: “Nothing to live up to. I can only surprise you. Not a victim, but a survivor. & alive to tell the real story [sic].”

The documentary “will feature exclusive access to Pamela Anderson as well as never before seen archive footage and personal journals,” according to Netflix.

Pamela Anderson Now and Tommy Lee Kids

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have two sons together, Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger, who are following their parents into modeling, acting and music

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s kids are all grown up!

The former Baywatch actress and Mötley Crüe musician had a whirlwind romance in the ’90s, which is set to be portrayed on Hulu’s new series Pam & Tommy.

Four days after meeting, the two tied the knot on Feb. 19, 1995, during a beachside wedding.

During the course of their three-year relationship, the couple also became parents as they welcomed sons Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger.

“There was Tommy and then there was nobody else. He was the love of my life. We had a wild and crazy beginnings that was too much for both of us,” Anderson told PEOPLE in 2015. “It really was love at first sight. I only knew him four days before I married him.”

“I had beautiful children with him,” she added. “My kids are grateful to be born out of true love. Everything else I was trying to piece together.”

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s Son, Brandon Thomas Lee

Anderson and Lee first became parents when they welcomed son Brandon Thomas Lee on June 5, 1996. Now 26 years old, Brandon has followed in his famous mom’s footsteps as an actor, appearing on Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and The Hills: New Beginnings.

In November 2021, he also launched his own clothing line titled Swingers Club, which is inspired by retro preppy golf wear. Anderson and Lee even reunited to support their son at the launch party in L.A.

“Golf is a huge part of my life and so is fashion,” Brandon wrote on Instagram about the line. “Up until this point, it’s been a dream of mine to create a brand that reflects my sense of style combined with a lifestyle I love and enjoy. I can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!”

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s Son, Dylan Jagger Lee

Dylan Jagger Lee is Anderson and Lee’s youngest son, who was born on Dec. 29, 1997. Taking a page from both his mom and dad, the 24-year-old is a model and musician.

In addition to walking the runway and working with Armani Exchange, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, and Hugo Boss, Dylan was previously in a band called Midnight Kids. He announced his departure from the band in January 2021, noting that he plans on “moving in a different musical direction.”

Pam Anderson Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pamela Anderson’s husband?

Dan Hayhurst


Rick Salomon


Rick Salomon


Kid Rock


Tommy Lee


Is Pamela Anderson alive?

Pamela Anderson is still alive and currently living in Her grandmother’s house in Canada.

Is Pam and Tommy a true story?

Dubbed with the tagline “The Greatest Love Story Ever Sold,” Hulu’s “Pam & Tommy” tells the true story (and somewhat cautionary tale) of model and actor Pamela Anderson and her rocker husband, Tommy Lee

Did Pam and Tommy win their lawsuit?

Penthouse won the real lawsuit shown in Pam and Tommy. However, looking at why they won and what the show omits, the lawsuit was deeper than depicted. Warning: this article contains SPOILERS for Pam & Tommy episode 7.

Why did Tommy and Pam divorce?

After three years of marriage, Anderson filed for divorce from Lee on February 28, 1995, days after he was charged with spousal and child abuse

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