New Opinion Poll Results Show Who Kenyans Would Vote for If Elections Were Held Today

Who Kenyans Would Vote for If Elections Were Held Today:

The August 9th Polls are quickly approaching and various political players are heightening their campaigns wooing voters and consolidating their political bases as we edge closer to the general elections.

With that in mind Mizani Africa, which is a Kenyan based research firm today released the 2nd Pre-Election Survey results that touched on the key presidential contest. The thematic areas of the released poll entailed the overall presidential opinion poll results, the Presidential popularity per region, the Alliance/Party popularity and the results of opinion on Kenya’s direction.

The results of the released poll showed that Deputy President William Ruto is the most popular presidential candidate ahead of the polls scheduled for August 9th commanding the highest rating with 47.0% while Raila Odinga of the Azimo la Umoja comes closely in second place with 46.9% making a marginal difference between them of only 0.1%.
This clearly shows that the August 9th Polls is a two-horse race and any of the two has a high chance of clinching the presidency and succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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