Why Does my Underwear Get Holes

Why Does my Underwear Get Holes: Fluids that leak onto your underwear can erode the cotton and lead to holes as time passes. Wearing underwear that’s too small can put extra stress on the elastic. A hot dryer can also weaken the fabric – and especially the elastic. There are a couple of ways to prevent this from happening.

The natural state of a healthy human vagina is relatively acidic. The reason the crotches of women’s panties can develop holes is from exposure to those naturally acidic secretions.

There may be other contributing factors, such as wear & tear, friction, etc., but the acidity is the main reason. Otherwise, you’d see a lot more holes all over women’s underwear.

Why Does my Underwear Get Holes

Pro-tip: if you get little holes in the crotches of your underwear, don’t buy the merino wool kind (yes, many companies make great merino wool underwear [and no, they aren’t itchy], but they can’t handle acidity). They are expensive and will not last long.

Reasons from experts why Underwear get torn;

  1. Most underwear has no an expiration date. It’s just not printed on the label because it varies based on individual use. Holes in your underwear can be caused by a variety of factors related to the stress on the seams.
  2. Alot of modern underwear aren’t made like it was “in the good old days” when thicker cotton and stronger elastic was used.
  3. The natural fluids that leak onto your underwear like sweat can erode ) the cotton and lead to holes as time passes.
  • Wearing underwear that’s too small can put extra stress on the elastic.
  • For women vaginal secretions can be more acidic. Just check the area around where the underwear has torn to see if you find some secretion or spots.
  • Normally our urine is salty. It has a tendency to worn out even best of underwears. Make sure you dry your vagina well after passing urine.
  • Could be that you sweat a lot in that area. Just try to always clean your pubic hair as they tend to increase sweating.

How to prevent Underwear from getting torn

  1. Wash all underwear after a single day’s use. Unlike jeans which can be washed or dry-cleaned less often, underwear is thinner, it’s exposed to more body fluids, and it’s just not designed to be worn for a long time. Some people buy new underwear every three months or so which is one way to prevent holes from forming over time.
  2. Another way to prevent holes in your underwear is to wash it with a plant-based detergent and avoid using bleach which can damage some fabrics over time. Laundry detergent that’s plant-based, is a gentler way to wash cotton underwear. I use it myself and highly recommend it.
  1. Try out different variety of underwear and stick to one which suits you well. May be your kind is pure cotton or may be cotton + poyster mix or something else. Find the one which will suit yr skin.
  2. If possible avoid wearing underwear when you are at home. This also has some health benefits.
  3. If things still dont change, then try placing a cotton cloth inside the underwear which can absorb the secretion for women.

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