Do Toothpaste and Rice Fix a Cracked Screen – 3-Step Video

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Do Toothpaste and Rice Fix a Cracked Screen: You may not be aware. Toothpaste contains a fine abrasive that’s only capable of polishing tiny cracks on phone screens. Yet, it can ruin your screen if not properly applied.

Toothpaste is mildly abrasive and could, in the right conditions, remove the surface of the screen and make the scratches less visible. Unfortunately, it’s not abrasive enough to make any visible difference – at least to our eyes. That’s not to say that you should use anything abrasive on your screen.

How many times has your phone accidentally slipped down and hits the floor badly? High chances are that the screen will crack. Many people think of buying another phone or changing the screen. This means you have to find the cash to fix your phone. However, I bring you a simple solution that works miracles on a cracked screen.

You require a banana, toothpaste and rice.

  1. Peel your banana and remove the inner part. Take your banana peels and gently rub on the cracked screen in circles. Make sure you rub every part of the screen.
  2. Take your toothpaste and apply it on the cracked screen in a swirly manner. Use your finger to apply the toothpaste evenly on your screen.
  3. Take a small container that can be closed. Pour your rice in the container. Dip your phone in the rice and close it. Shake the container in an upwards manner. Do not shake too hard, just apply a little bit of force. Remove your phone from the rice. Use a towel or tissue to rub of the stuck rice and paste.

What are the Risks Of Repairing A Phone With Toothpaste

There are several risks associated with using unapproved methods to fix your phone screen. It’s not only risky, it can cause long-term damages to your device. Do you want to know how? Below is a highlight on why you shouldn’t take the risk of using toothpaste for your cracked screen.

  • Screen Damage

Your phone screen is not meant to be exposed to any liquid content except if it’s to be applied by a professional repairer or a tech-wise individual. Your phone screen has to be protected from fluids to avoid damage. Aside from the huge cost of repair, using toothpaste to fix a cracked phone screen can cause long damage to your screen and other parts such as the motherboard. Hence, ruling out the option of getting it repaired.

Toothpaste and Rice Fix a Cracked Screen
  • Loss Of Warranty

For every new purchase you make, there’s a warranty. The warranty is an assurance made by the manufacturer to fix certain defects for a specific time after a purchase is completed.

While tampering with the cracked phone screen with your toothpaste, you’re on the verge of losing your warranty for any adversity inflicted on the device. This makes you liable for every repair made consequently to your phone screen.

Can Rice Fix a Cracked Phone Screen?

Place your Phone in a bag (zipper bag, if you can) of uncooked rice, silica gel, or other very absorbent material. Rice is the number one choice of Phone dunkers everywhere, but you can wing it. … You can look up where yours should be by iPhone model. If you don’t see any red there, you should be OK to turn it on.

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