A Bounty Has Been Placed On Putin, Wanted, Dead Or Alive

Bounty Has Been Placed On Putin: In the midst of the continuing invasion, Konanykhin expressed his help for Ukraine.

In 1999, the banking rich person accused Putin of detonating a bomb in condominium construction in Moscow, which he denied.

The Russian CEO departed us of following an alleged kidnapping try with the aid of ex-KGB operatives, according to media reports.

On Monday, a Russian rich CEO cited that he would offer $1 million in change for the apprehension of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he described as a warfare crook in accordance with global law.

Alexandre Konanykhin, a banking and construction magnate, made the announcement on his non-public Facebook page, saying he would pay $1 million to any police or officers who had been successful in apprehending Putin following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to his Facebook post, “I assurance to give $1,000,000 to the police or officers who, in the course of their constitutional duties, arrest Putin as a conflict crook beneath Russian and global law,” he said.

“As an ethnic Russian and a citizen of Russia, I agree with it is my ethical duty to help in the de-Nazification of the country. “I will proceed to furnish useful resource to Ukraine in its valiant attempts to repel the attack of Putin’s Orda,” says the president.

Aside from brushing aside Putin as the leader of Russia, Konanykhin claimed that Putin solely won manipulate of the USA by using “murdering his opponents” and detonating a bomb in a rental building in Moscow.

This used to be in reference to the devastating explosion that befell on September 9, 1999, at a nine-story condo building on Guryanov Street in the heart of Moscow. The explosion claimed the lives of 40 persons and injured another 152. In addition, the explosion hurled debris extra than 300 feet away from the scene.

As a result of Putin’s commitment to finding out who used to be at the back of the bomb, his recognition in polls has expanded appreciably in the latest months. Yury Fedorov wrote an article for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in which he argued that if it had not been for the explosion, Putin would have had no risk of gaining the presidency.

Officials, on the other hand, have not but determined any indication that the assault was once planned. According to The Washington Post, a nameless caller who contacted the Russian news organisation Interfax later noted that the blast was in reprisal for Russia’s bombardment on communities in Chechnya.

The Russian oligarch Konanykhin was one of the country’s wealthiest oligarchs until he was compelled to flee the country in 1992 after being kidnapped by means of rogue ex-KGB operatives who attempted to seize his firm. He relocated to the United States, where he currently serves as the chairman of many firms, such as KMG Group. In addition, he has been a distinguished opponent of Russian corruption.

Putin does now not really practice taekwondo but instead is a skilled judo practitioner.


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