3 Reasons Why Russian Billionaire Could Be Forced To Sell Chelsea


Russian Billionaire Could Be Forced To Sell Chelsea :

After the tension between Russia and Ukraine broke loose yesterday, 7 people lost their lives while at least 20 got injured after Russia attacked Ukraine while hundreds of thousands of people were displaced. I know most people would be asking themselves what does this have to do with the football world? Well, am going to tell you the reason behind this. Yesterday, Manchester City star and Ukraine national football team captain, Oleksandr Zhinchenko attacked Russian president, Vladimir Putin via his instagram

account “I hope you die the most painful suffering death, creature.”

Zhinchenko further condemned the act urging Russians and Ukrainians to lead a peaceful life and leave as brothers. The Manchester City midfielder turned in to a left back has urged Russians to condemn this actions for them to build the already broken friendship or else their enmity will still go on. “If you are Russian and do not speak up now, then you will be an enemy for us forever.”

Chelsea owner, Roman Abrahamovic could find himself in hot soup after he stole the political headlines after the the UK government announced restrictions to Russia after the superpower country deployed army troops to two rebel regions of Ukraine. The question remains, could Abrahamovic be sanctioned? Well, according to The Sporting News, in 2018 Chelsea’s boss, Roman Abrahamovic stopped plans to build a new stadium which costs 680 million dollars after he delayed to renew his UK working permit visa. These actions were believed to be relating closely to Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

As reported by the Financial Times, Abramovich was unable to enter the UK and missed the Blues’ FA Cup final win in 19th May 2018 which saw Chelsea taking home a 1-0 victory against Manchester United. The visa crackdown on wealthy Russians came after the leaked story of the poisoning of Russian former spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, UK. If Abrahamovic could face sanction, then this could impact Chelsea financially as their boss won’t be allowed to heavily invest on the club.

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