Exposed – Kenyan Students in China Engage in Sexual Favors to Finance their Livelihood


African diplomatic circles in China’s capital, Beijing are ablaze with allegations of extortion, intimidation, blackmail, and possible involvement in a prostitution ring all run by a Kenyan student registered at China’s prestigious Qinghua University studying international relations.

The student, identified as Ms Nicole Wanjiru who has been in China as a student for several years now, is linked to several high-profile African diplomats with whom she is alleged to have financial arrangements in exchange for sexual favours from fellow Kenyan students lured by the promise of quick money and lavish gifts.

She is said to frequent private parties where she introduces these diplomatic Johns with often unsuspecting and unwilling young ladies, where she proceeds to record the happenings at said events, threatening to release these recordings if she is not paid in exchange for her silence.

Wanjiru, who is a prominent member of the Kenyan expat group in China, uses her standing in the community to lure unsuspecting victims into her extortion and prostitution ring.

In a recent dustup at an unnamed African diplomat’s party, Wanjiru is reported to have viciously attacked another diplomat affiliated with the Kenyan embassy, who, reports indicate, had been trying to curtail Wanjiru’s behaviour. After the incident in which the Kenyan diplomat came away unscathed, Wanjiru broke into the Kenyan diplomat’s residence, making away with several items of value.

Kenyan students and residents in the city reached to corroborate the story declined to comment or wished to give their accounts of the events on a fateful night anonymously for fear of retribution. It is as yet unclear whether the Kenyan embassy will officially investigate these serious allegations, though informal talks to assess the gravity of the situation have been initiated.

Kenyan Students in China Engage in Sexual Favors

Those who reached and volunteered tidbits of information however agreed that she has been a thorn in the side of the Kenyan community’s reputation in the city, and hope that action will be taken to permanently resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, there is mounting concern in the greater African diplomatic circle in the Chinese city as Wanjiru is alleged to be in possession of videos and recordings of these high-ranking officials behaving in a less than dignified fashion, leaving the implicated nervous at the possibility of exposure since many are married and are in the country with their spouses and children.

“The only reason why we haven’t reported to police here,” one anonymous source said, “is because we are afraid they will target all of us.” China’s police force has had an antagonistic relationship with African students who are widely suspected of involving themselves in crimes in the country, prompting the police force to conduct raids and drug busts that have seen many unceremoniously deported back to their home countries.

“I am here on a scholarship and I don’t want this to ruin my future!” she lamented. The Kenyan embassy was reached but a response was not forthcoming as it remains closed due to the Chinese New Year national holidays.

Kenyan Students in China Engage in Sexual Favors

Source: Anonymous Respondent.

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