Safaricom Users Happy After The Introduction Of Okoa SMS

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How to Okoa SMS:

To borrow SMS, one is supposed to dial 131 and select five, an option for getting SMS bundles on credits.

Safaricom has noted that the feature will help its users to keep their conversations going even after they have run out of credit and SMS bundles.

“Breaking news, you can now OKOA SMS bundles and keep the conversation going.

Dial *131*5# and select Option 5 Okoa SMA,”

read Safaricom’s message to Kenyans

Safaricom has been amongst the telecommunication companies that have never disappointed its users. Ranging from good network coverage countrywide to revives offered. All so far have been good.

The introduction of Fuliza for example came to seal loopholes that were open in terms of having insufficient funds to canter for transfer or paying one’s bills. It was a positive change.

The company has worked day and night in providing customers with quality services to win their trust as they also benefit.

Today, Safaricom has enabled another service to its customers which is Okoa short mail messages (SMS). This will enable a user to get SMS on debt that will be deducted later.

The service has come to sweeten life for the majority are used to text SMS. They will no longer worry when the conversation gets hot and they run short of SMS bundles since they just follow the steps below and keep the conversation going.

How to Okoa SMS Fast and Easy on Safaricom

The steps to follow are quite simple;

  1. Dial *131#
  2. Select option 5 Okoa SMS

Just like the way OKA Jahazi works where a user is allowed to get credit and later make payment after topping up, Safaricom has introduced OKOA SMS.

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