Linus Kaikai Dismisses Raila’s Campaigns, Reveals Why DP Ruto Is Unbeatable Ahead Of August Polls

Citizen TV Director of Innovation and Communications Strategist Mr. Linus Kaikai has confidently admitted why Raila Odinga’s cannot clinch power.

Kaikai who has been a Supporter of Raila’s Presidency for a quiet a long period of time, and despite his professionalism, he has always been on the frontline Championing for Odinga’s Presidency.

Thursday Night, Kaikai changed tune over Raila’s Presidential bid. He revealed that Ruto has been hitting the Ground with Grand Political campaigns, so comparing Ruto to Raila or even Musalia Mudavadi, is totally being dishonest.

“Let be realistic to each other guys. William Ruto started campaigning for his Presidential bid some two years back down the line. Raila Odinga just woke up the other day, and this after realising that the popular Building Bridges Initiative was NO more.”

“Now, if Elections is held today, do you expect Raila Odinga to win the Presidency. Because what I clearly know, is that Ruto is at the top of the Chart.”

Citizen TV senior journalist Linus Kaikai finally weighed in on the latest alliance between the Deputy President William Ruto and the ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi on the news-gang program on Thursday 2022-01-27.

Kaikai who did not seem to mince his words stated that Mudavadi had betrayed his own principles by totally going against some of the ideologies he has been advocating for and preaching to the citizens.

“Musalia Mudavadi walked out of the shell he has sold to Kenyans for a very long time. He sells to Kenyans the image of a principled politician who stays as close as possible to what he says,” said Kaikai.

On matters popularity in western part of Kenya, Kaikai said that Mudavadi had blown his political stand as far as the western political dynamics is concerned.

According to Kaikai, Mudavadi’s latest move is perhaps a clear indication that he is fence sitter who always waits for the opportunity to arrive and then flow along. Kaikai went down the memory lane back to 2002 and narrated how Mudavadi had held a neutral position over who to support for presidency until the last minute.

“I covered a press conference back in 2002 and there was a division in KANU over who could be the flag bearer. Musalia was seemingly convinced by Moi in the last minute to support Uhuru. There is a pattern with Mudavadi that he always sits on the fence for a very long time in order to fall on either side,” asserted Linus.

In one of his final remarks towards the end of the show, he admitted that one of the facts that cannot be wished away is that Mudavadi’s alliance with Ruto will no doubt shake Raila’s camp in western Kenya.

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