“Wacha Mungu Aitwe Mungu” Citizens React After Vanessa Post Boyfriend Before Getting Fame


Wanjiku Stephens is a prominent actress who received a significant break from playing of Vannesa Hausa in the Maria Tv show. Her role in Maria portrays a kind-hearted lady who defends Maria as she faces mistreatment from a few of her family members.

Ms. Stephens’s character unravels, and she falls in love with Silas, a guy living in the ghetto. Their relationship faces a lot of hurdles as Mrs. Hausa dislikes her daughter falling in love with a poor man. Silas mother is also not happy for the love birds and thinks Vanessa is up to no good.

About her relationship status, she has kept it a big secret where she has never disclosed the person she is in love with unlike other celebrities who make their life public. In several interviews she has never said the person she is dating.

Minutes ago Vanessa has surprised many people after posting her boyfriend before he got fame.

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