Lawyer Ahmednassir Makes Fun of Raila Odinga’s Candidacy

Popular and flamboyant city lawyer Affiliated to Deputy President’s Hustler Nation Movement Ahmednassir Abdullahi has made fun regarding Raila Odinga’s chances of becoming the next President of Kenya, after the August polls.

On Twitter, the Senior Counsel alleged that the owners or rather people funding Azimio La Umoja have come to conclude that, Baba is no longer a viable candidate and his chances are as low as between 22-25%. This is. especially after the earthquake declaration by Mudavadi, who entered into a coalition with DP Ruto.

Ahmednassir warned that, if Raila drops his candidacy, then the over 2 million Luo votes would shift to Ruto.

“Is it true the owners of the Azimio Inc have come to the sad conclusion that as of today, Hon Raila is no longer a viable candidate and has little chance (22-25%) of winning on 9.8.2022? And they also know if they change horses, the 2M Luo votes will troop to Ruto? Shida!” AA stated

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