Lawyer Ahmednassir Makes Fun of Raila Odinga’s Candidacy


Yesterday the Senate passed the Political Parties (Amendments) Bill without making any a single amendment. The Bill was then passed on to President Uhuru for assent. The passing came after seven hours debate session. President Uhuru Kenyatta today signed the Political Parties (Amendment) Bill into law after Senate passed it 28 against 3.

DP Ruto’s allies alleged that the Senate is still under the control of Azimio La Umoja and this made the Tangatanga brigade to be reduced to a mere cheering squad in a small corner.

The signing of the Political Parties Amendment Bill by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House has now raised heated arguments specifically from DP Ruto’s camp. The new law has amended the Political Parties Act of 2011 by introducing the concept of coalition political parties.

It has also outlined the functions of political parties as well as changed the criteria of accessing the Political Parties Fund. The Registrar of Political Parties in the country has also been empowered to certify political party membership and rules that govern nominations. This is to strengthen the management of political parties and enhance democracy. Several leaders allied to Ruto have protested claiming that their next move is to go to the courts and seek justice.

This is not the first time Ruto’s team has been floored in the Parliament but continue to claim that the government is unfair to them. Leaders like Cherargei have stated that Azimio La Umoja has taken over the business of the House and Uhuru and Raila Odinga are after reducing Ruto to nothing. However, the big question is are their allegations valid or they are baseless? Yesterday during the show of might in the Senate Senator Murkomen and Cherargei became bitter after they saw that the House was ready to pass the Bill.

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