Vintage Coke Bottle Value Chart – These Bottles Will Make you Rich Overnight

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Vintage Coke Bottle Value Chart: How much do you think a 1915 coca-cola bottle is worth?  It is valued between $100,000 to $150,000.

If you are a collector and have some Coke bottles and think are worth some money, you may be right. The Coke bottles might make you rich but that is not money you can retire to. This is because the Coke bottles are not as rare. If you have all these Coke bottles, then you can make a fortune Quickly.

Here are the 9 Coke Bottles You should Collect:

Vintage Coke Bottle Value Chart

Coca-Cola Root Glass Company Modified Prototype Bottle$240,000
Coca-Cola Root Glass Company Modified Prototype Bottle$108,000
Unopened Coca-Cola Bottle$29,900
Dallas Cowboys Coke Bottle$5,000
Hutchinson Bottles$4,000
Thailand Coca-Cola ACL Bottles$3,000
Seoul Olympic Games Commemorative Bottle$2,500
1900s Coke Bottle$2,375
Chinese Coca-Cola Bottle$1,500

Table showing: Vintage Coke Bottle Value Chart

9. Chinese Coca-Cola Bottle, $1,500

The Chinese Coca-cola Bottle was the cheapest antique sold for $1500, This happened in 2020, its not because it was not opened but it was specifically tailored to celebrate the opening of the t McDonald’s restaurant in the country. The bottle was bought from a Coke executive who kept it and later placed it on Ebay for sale.

Coke Bottle

8. 1900s Coke Bottle, $2,375

This bottle was manufactured in The Coca-Cola bottling plant in Jellico, Tennessee. It is believed to have been manufactured around 1915 as the sides are curved instead of straight. It is almost impossible to find these Antique bottles. It was sold on Ebay in 2019 for $2,375.

7. Seoul Olympic Games Commemorative Bottle, $2,500

This bottle was custom made by the Coca-Cola Company for the Summer Olympics 1988 were held in Seoul, South Korea. Coke had sponsored the games. The bottle was sold in a tall cardboard box. It is believed that the bottle has Olympic art on both sides. The bottle was sold at an auction in 2021 for $2,500.

Coke Bottle

6. Thailand Coca-Cola ACL Bottles, $3,000

Coca-Cola used its Applied Color Label (ACL) bottles back in 1941. This bottle was used instead of custom labels or paper, which had labels built directly into the glass. The reason ACL became so popular was because bottle companies did not need to re-label it often after washing and shipping. A bottle with a strong ACL can sell for over $ 3,000.

Coke Bottle

ACL labels were limited to two colours, but the process made the whole production process easier. The bottle from Thailand sold in 2020 for $ 3,000. The ACL process experienced its first major development in the 50s when ‘lehr’ was founded. It was an oven that could reach 1200 degrees, which was enough to cover the ACL label paint in a glass bottle.

5. Hutchinson Bottles, $4,000

Hutchinson Bottles became the first bottle approved by the Coca-Cola Company after it was taken from the original owner. The bottles had straight sides with a mark on the centre of the bottle and a metal lid. These bottles are only used for seven years. In 1906, the company switched to their more casual looking model. Hutchinson original bottles are now in short supply and can cost more than $ 4,000.

The real owner, Dr. John Pemberton, died in 1988. Before his death, Pemberton sold Coke syrup to local soda stores to mix it with carbonated water to be served as a source drink. In 1906, Coca-Cola switched to its most popular-looking model, which was an amber-coloured bottle with a triangular pattern.

4. Dallas Cowboys Coke Bottle, $5,000

Created in 1984 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, Coca-Cola released these limited edition Coke bottles. The bottle label has set a record for the team’s annual game and its great success from 1960 to 1983. One of these Coke Memorial bottles sold at auction in 2019 for $ 5,000.

Coke Bottle

3. Unopened Coca-Cola Bottle, $29,900

This is the first Coca-Cola bottle worth five figures on this list. And most of its value is down 3 factors, the situation is also because this 1974 Coca-Cola bottle still has Coke in it, and the claim is that there is a syringe inside the bottle.

In 1993, Pepsi became embarrassed that there were injections in its soda cans. However, this was eventually dismissed as a fraud. This unopened bottle sold for $ 29,900 on eBay by 2020.

Coke Bottle

2. Coca-Cola Root Glass Company Modified Prototype Bottle, $108,000

There are 2 known bottle. The bottle was sold at auction on April 14, 2019. One is # 1 on the list (and more than doubled in value).

The Prototype bottle was sold at auction for $ 108,000 and was acquired by a retired Coca-Cola retailer who worked for the first bottle designer, Chapman Root.

Coke Bottle

The bottle itself was in good condition, with no chips, cracks, or wear.

1. Coca-Cola Root Glass Company Modified Prototype Bottle, $240,000

The Coca-Cola Root Glass Company Modified Prototype Bottle is the most expensive Coca-Cola bottle.

A rare Coke bottle once made known as the Root Glass Company Modified Prototype Bottle. It was designed in 1915 by the parent company of a Atlanta bottle-filling company. The bottle is believed to be one of only two test bottles left at Atlanta’s first facility. The bottle was sold at the 2011 auction for a whopping $ 240,000.

What do you think of this bottles? Let us know if you have any one of them. Don’t forget to share this article.

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