Kaia Faith Calaway – All You Need To Know About The Undertaker’s Daughter

Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway was born in the month of August in the year 2012. She was born in Austin, Texas, and is a citizen of the United States. Her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she is currently nine years old.

Her father, Mark William Calaway aka The Undertaker, and mother, Michelle McCool, a former professional wrestler, are her parents. Moreover, Kaia Faith Calaway has 3 siblings namely Gunner Vincent Calaway, Gracie Calaway, and Chasey Calaway, from her father’s previous marriages.

Kaia Faith Calaway on Twitter

Kaia Faith Calaway has an account on Twitter, which is not an official account but has 194 followers. The account was created in 2015.

The Undertaker father of Kaia Faith Calaway

Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965) is an American retired professional wrestler better known by his ring moniker The Undertaker. He is best known for his on-screen career in WWE from 1990 to 2020 with the moniker The Undertaker. He is widely recognised as one of the greatest professional

[) wrestlers of all time. Calaway is still tied to WWE despite his retirement from professional wrestling.

Calaway began his career in 1987, performing for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and other affiliate promotions under several gimmicks. During this time, he won the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship and the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Championship. He had a brief time in the mid-card as “Mean” Mark Callous after signing with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1989, before joining the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) in 1990.

The Undertaker was a focal point of WWE’s premier yearly event, WrestleMania, for the better portion of his career, where he became renowned for The Streak—a string of 21 consecutive victories. From 1997 to 2020, he was known for teaming up with his in-story half-brother Kane, with whom he alternately feuded and teamed up as The Brothers of Destruction.

Calaway won the WWF/E Championship four times, the World Heavyweight Championship three times, the Hardcore Championship once, and the World Tag Team Championship six times throughout his active tenure as The Undertaker. In 2007, he also won the Royal Rumble bout. He is one of WWE’s most prolific pay-per-view performers, having headlined many pay-per-view events, including five times at WrestleMania.

In 2020, The Undertaker announced his retirement from professional wrestling and made a farewell appearance at the Survivor Series event, which took place 30 years to the day after he made his debut for the promotion at the same pay-per-view brand.

Early life:

Mark William Calaway, the son of Frank Compton Calaway (died July 2003) and Betty Catherine Truby, was born on March 24, 1965, in Houston, Texas. David, Michael, Paul, and Timothy are his four older brothers (died March 2020, age 63). He was a member of both the football and basketball teams at Waltrip High School. He graduated in 1983 and enrolled at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas, on a basketball scholarship. He began his college career at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1985, majoring in sport management and playing centre for the Rams during the 1985–1986 season.

Who is Kaia Faith Calaway?

WWE Superstar The Undertaker‘s daughter Kaia Faith Calaway was born on the 29th of August 2012. Mark William Calaway aka The Undertaker had a daughter Kaia Faith his wife, Michelle McCool.

The cute Kaia Faith Calaway is the first and till date only child of The Undertaker with wife Michelle. Though Kaia has got three elder half-siblings from her daddy’s side. She has an elder half-brother named Gunner Vincent Calaway, Undertaker’s son with ex-wife Jodi Lynn. And also two elder half-sisters named Chasey Calaway and Gracie Calaway, Undertaker’s daughter with former wife, Sara Calaway. The Phenom Undertaker has got four children altogether.

Why Does Kaia Faith Calaway Stays Away From The Media

A lot of celebrity parents follow a certain kind of rule, and that is not to reveal their kid’s faces. Both of Kaia Faith’s parents are yet to show her face of her. It’s not like there are no photos of The Undertaker’s daughter Kaia Faith Calaway, well, there are, but every time Michelle uploads the picture of her little one she makes sure to hide her face with a sticker or just show her back.

A lot of fans and followers always ask Michelle why she hides the face of her daughter Kaia Faith; It seems like The Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool wants to keep her kid away from the spotlight. And just with her hidden face also we can assume how adorable The Undertaker’s daughter Kaia Faith is.

Since her father, The Undertaker is occupied in his work most of the time; the little Kaia Faith spends most of her time with her mother. The mother-daughter duo goes on playing tennis, horseriding, cycling, and other many more fun-filled activities.

Plus at times, Michelle McCool who is also a professional wrestler takes her daughter Kaia Faith to watch her daddy perform. Who knows in the near future, Kaia Faith will also follow the footsteps of her wrestler parents and end up being a professional wrestler herself.

Why the Name Kaia Faith Calaway?

The name Kaia is the derived form of Hawaiian kai which means the sea. It is also a form of Kaja, a Scandinavian name. As for the name, Faith stands as confidence or trust in someone or something.

Interesting facts on Kaia Calaway:

The first fact about Kaia is that she is as adventurous as her parents. She enjoys tons of outdoor activities. The next fact about her is that her parents are well-off. Her father, The Undertaker, net worth is around 17 million dollars. Lastly, Kaia is a unique name, which means the earth is Greek and sea in Hawaiian.

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