Namibian Citizen Writes A Letter Confessing To Killing Her Friend, Exposes Where she Buried Her


Azaan Madisia a 30-year-old lady has written a four-page letter confessing to killing her one-time lady friend by the name Wasserfall.

A Letter Confessing To Killing Her Friend

According to The Namibian Newspaper, in the letter, she claims that she killed her during a heated argument in front of Wasserfall’s infant kid following a drinking spree. The argument became physical, Wasserfall pushed her against the stove and Azaan pushed her back with force in the garage, lost balance and hit her head hard against the table and fell on the floor. By then Azaan was 28 and Wosserfall was only 22 years old.

Azaan then says that noticed that Wasserfall had lost consciousness, had no pulse nor breathing came from her.

But she fails to mention about her brother Steven Mulundu who is also charged in the murder and is believed to have helped to move the body and bury it in a shallow grave at Walvis Bay, Namibia. The body was discovered there in pieces 6 months after the murder.

The letter is said to be addressed to Petrus Shoopala the father of Wasserfall’s child and apparently the subject of their love triangle who it seen that she dates first before Waterfall came into the picture.

Azaan alleges that she wished she had handled the situation differently and perhaps she would still be alive if she had taken her to the hospital.

She concludes by saying that, “What happened is irreversible, how I wish I could take it back, the guilt of my error looms over my head, like a heavy burden. There is nothing left but for me to serve my sentence.”

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