Sad -12 Years After Teddy Pendergrass’ Death, His Wife And Children Are Still Suffering


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Teddy Pendergrass, in full Theodore DeReese Pendergrass, (born March 26, 1950, Kingstree, South Carolina, U.S.—died January 13, 2010, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania), American rhythm-and-blues singer who embodied the smooth, Philly soul sound of the 1970s as lead vocalist for Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. It is exactly 12 Years since He died.

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I adore Teddy Pendergrass. He sang some of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard, including In My Time.

At the peak of his powers in the late 70s and early 80s, few male artists could match his influence in the music scene.

Teddy Pendergrass
Teddy Pendergrass and his daughter

However, in 1982, Teddy Pendergrass’ life was shattered, when the Rolls Royce he was driving had a fatal accident. Teddy’s spinal cord was affected and he would never walk again.

It was said he became depressed and suicidal but after some time he got over it and began to record again.

Teddy owed his recovery to the love and support he received from his mother, ex-wife, Karen, children, family and close friends.

The first time he appeared in public after the accident was at a Live Aid event held at the John F. Kennedy Stadium.

A teary Teddy Pendergrass was welcomed to the stage by Ashford and Simpson.

After Teddy’s wife, Karen divorced him he later married Joan Williams Pendergrass.

Teddy died of Colon Cancer in 2010 at the age of 59.

Teddy’s mother, Ida Pendergrass turned 100 in 2018. A memorable birthday party was held in her honour that would have made her only child proud if he were alive.

Unfortunately, Teddy Pendergrass’ three children; Teddy Junior, Ladonna and Tisha are at loggerheads with their late father’s widow, Joan.

They accused her of tampering with his will, with her in charge of his estate. An insider wondered how Teddy Pendergrass, who had been singing since the 60s will leave almost everything he worked for to a woman he married in 2008?

Joan Pendergrass set up a Foundation in both her and her late husband’s name and even sued her stepchildren for character assassination.

Teddy Pendergrass Junior is a Financial Advisor, while Tisha Is a Real Estate Agent. Ladonna Pendergrass is also doing well as a businesswoman.

Today, the Teddy and Joan Pendergrass Foundation is involved in various humanitarian works.

Teddy’s legacy lives on.

Teddy Pendergrass’ Daughter is Frontline Hero in Battle Against COVID-19

Teddy Pendergrass’ 45-year-old daughter LaDonna Pendergrass is a healthcare professional who has been sharing her experience on the frontline battling COVID-19.

In a recent Instagram post, LaDonna shared a photo of herself using a protective mask and noted in the caption that she can’t stay at home like many Americans because of her professional duties. She included the hashtags; #happytohelpothers #meanmyscrubs.

As noted by news, in a previous post, LaDonna shared a photo of her late father while wishing him a happy birthday

Teddy Pendergrass died on January 13, 2010, at the age of 59. Prior to his passing, his successful R&B career was derailed after a 1982 auto accident left him severely paralyzed.

LaDonna honoured her father on the anniversary of his death with an emotional tribute shared on her Instagram page last year.

She wrote: “Its so hard not being able to pick up the phone and talk to you when I get ready to. I still miss you every day. I wish I could tell you how much I love you.”

Days after Teddy’s death, his son, Teddy Pendergrass II, remembered his father in a candid interview, where he dished his love for cars and passion for cooking.

“Dad loved his cars. They were his toys. He would collect them and play with them, alternating between his Corvette, his Ferrari and his Rolls-Royce, he said. “In fact, it was in the Rolls that, on March 18, 1982, while driving on a winding Lincoln Drive near our home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he hit a guardrail and crashed into a tree. That accident severed his spinal cord, left him paralyzed from the chest down and changed his life forever, Teddy Jr. added.

“But I choose to remember him as he was long before the accident, driving around in his red Ferrari. I could hear him coming home all the way from the Gladwyne exit in that loud sports car.”

He also described his dad as the man who would “Wake Up Everybody,” then “Turn Out The Lights” and “Close the Door.”

LaDonna Pendergrass Is Teddy Pendergrass’ daughter: What Has She Been Up To?

LaDonna Pendergrass Hollerway is an American healthcare practitioner and one of the children of Theodore DeReese Pendergrass who rose to prominence as Teddy Pendergrass. LaDonna is also famous for being part of the TV series, Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me (2018) and Unsung (2010).

Her father, Teddy Pendergrass was a multi-award-winning singer, songwriter composer, and the first male African-American artist to have 5 consecutive platinums. He started his professional career in the 1970s to 2008 before his death in 2010. Teddy was also the band leader of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes before taking a solo career where he sang different genres of R&B, soul, disco and funk.

LaDonna Pendergrass Childhood and Siblings

Although it remains unknown when LaDonna was born, she was born after the kickoff of her father’s professional music career. Her childhood remains under wraps but she is not the only child of Teddy Pendergrass.

Her father was married to Karen Still and later Joan. However, there is little knowledge of who her mother is. Regardless, many reports claim that she has two siblings, a sister Tisha Pendergrass and a brother Teddy Pendergrass II. However, other reports claim that she has 2 brothers including Tamon Pendergrass.

She Was in Teddy’s Life Throughout Most of His Rise and Fall

In her father’s career which began in 1970, he started with Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes until he left the group in 1975. Before his lone career, however, he released songs such as I Miss You If You Don’t Know Me By Now, The Love I Lost, Hope That We Can Be Together Soon, Wake Up Everybody and Bad Luck among others.

Pendergrass started his solo career in a successful manner with his first album “Terry Pendergrass” becoming an acclaimed work. Several other works came out and by 1978, his fame increased and he was nicknamed the black Elvis Presley.

Albums That Contributed to Teddy Pendergrass’s Fame

This Christmas (I’d Rather Have Love, 1998)
You and I (1997)
A Little More Magic (1993)
Truly Blessed (1991)
Joy (1988)
Workin’ It Back (1985)
Love Language (1984)
Heaven Only Knows (1983)
This One’s For You (1982)
It’s Time For Love (1981)
TP (1981)
Teddy (1979)
Life is a Song Worth Singing (1978)
Teddy Pendergrass (1977)

The Fall of Terry Pendergrass

At the peak of LaDonna’s father’s career in 1982, in Philadelphia, Terry Pendergrass in his new Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit car had a crash. He was with a transgender woman, Tenika Watson when it happened. Nonetheless, Tenika was left with minor injuries while Pendergrass was left with paralysis from his chest down.

Although the accident left him on wheelchair and out of music for a long time, he made his return in 1985 in a Live Aid concert in Philadelphia, he was soon met by the news of colon cancer. In 2009, he underwent a surgery.

His life took another turn with the complications of respiratory disease which would lead to his death in 2009 at the age of 59.

After The Death of Father, Her Family Had Court Settlement as a Result of His Will

LaDonna Pendergrass does not show herself much to the public. However, following his demise, Joan Pendergrass whom he married in 2008 made headlines for battle with the late singer’s son over the remainder of his property.

To LaDonna, she claimed that Joan was married to her father because of the profits she could get from his life. She also added that Joan had already started turning their family upside down following the demise of the father and tussle over some of his available property.

On her own part in her defence, Joan denied the allegation with her attorney claiming that Terry Pendergrass did not have enough money to be fought over.

The battle began with the claims that LaDonna’s father left 2 wills. One of which had Joan as the sole beneficiary and the other had his son, Teddy Pendergrass II as executor and sole beneficiary.

The drama over the will continued with more allegations that another will was signed by Joan for her late husband where Tedy II, LaDonna’s brother’s name was removed from their father’s will.

The case made its way to the public and court where Joan was blamed for signing the document. Also, the family had agreed to settle their differences in an informal way.

LaDonna has a career working as a hospital technician. Although she reportedly had the career in Plano, Texas, it is not known where she currently resides and does her work.

Apart from her professional career, Pendergrass also appeared in Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me in 2018 and Unsung in 2010.

Still about the documentation about the life of her father, there has been reports of the plans to release a movie about his life. What is a mystery is whether LaDonna Pendergrass will feature in it or not.

Is LaDonna Pendergrass Married?

From a number of sources, there is Hollerway in her name. However, there is no certainty as to why the name is coming from. But there is the likelihood that the celebrity daughter may be married. Nonetheless, her brother, Teddy Pendergrass II has been married with kids.

As regards marriage in the lives of the other children of Teddy, it remains unknown if they are married or not.

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