What DP Ruto Said in Nairobi That Has Got Kenyans Attacking Him as Raila’s Name Was Badly Humiliated

Most parts in Nairobi county were today brought to a standstill by the Hustler Nation battalions led by Deputy President William Ruto as they drummed more support for the Bottom-Up Economic Model in an obvious attempt to mobilize for the DPs bid ahead of the upcoming elections.

Speaking during his (Ruto’s) stopovers, he made several promises to the residents based on what he will contribute after becoming the president of Kenya, citing reasons on why they should support his bid.

He stated that Nairobi residents will enjoy plentiful of his services including construction of at least 20 markets within the county to boost the small scale businesses, issuance of NHIF cards to each Kenyan before the end of the year to allow access to health care services and donation of Kshs 500 billion to small scale traders in each ward.

Kenyans have not taken his promises lightly as they have drawn parallel reactions online citing claims that he is a liar following his previous unfulfilled promises.

At the same time, the Second in Command made a harsh attack against ODM party leader Raila Odinga criticizing him for spreading and embracing divisive politics.

He accused him for being the top candidate who has caused fear among Kenyans and dividing them based on their ethnicities which can in simple terms be referred t tribalism.

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