My Father Slept With Me For 4 Years & We Have a Child Together


My Father Slept With Me For 4 Years & We Have a Child Together:

Lynne Ngugi is a well-known young Kenyan YouTube journalist who airs some of the deepest stories to almost every Kenyan. Today her interview with Joyce seems to have caught the attention of many after airing the sad story of her guest Joyce.

Joyce hates her father the reason behind this hatred is the fact that Joyce’s father I’ve been sleeping with her for four years and now they have a child together full stop and there is nothing anyone can say to convince her otherwise.

Inform to he did the worst to her countless times and made her pregnant today her daughter is 8 years old.

She lived in fear I never told her mother who the father of the ship was because the man had had swore to take her life if she said anything but when he started demanding a second child Joyce knew it was time for her to come out clean.

Today Joey’s father is in prison after a DNA test results came in 99.99% positive but Joe is maintained 15 years imprisonment is not enough for the graveyards damage that her father did to her.

For more information on this and many more, you can head over to Lynn’s YouTube channel where you’ll find the full airing of the story.

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