Shocking Lil Wayne Goat Hoofed Shoes – Are They Human?


Lil Wayne is a popular rapper, who does things differently and even sometimes go beyond human expectations. He has taste when it comes to fashion designing though nowadays is like he is overdoing things.

This comes after he decides to wear goat hoofed shoes. According to him, Lil means little but he does things that makes him be a “G.o.a.t” meaning to be a king.

Popular new Orleans rapper, Lil Wayne, proves to be the greatest of all time by wearing black goat hoofed shoes. The shoes were spotted after Lil Wayne invited Jared Zwerling and Jon Zietz to his private facility TRUCKSTOP facility in Miami, Florida for an upcoming project with closeup 360.

Lil Wayne Goat Hoofed Shoes – Reactions

For sure, we all agree Lil Wayne be a living legend for his great music throughout his career. He has won and been nominated in numerous awards including winning 5 grammies and 11 BET awards with numerous nominations. His carter 3 album-hit the world emerging to be the best in the world with hits like lollipop featuring Static major.

Lil Wayne fans went on commenting on the Wayne fashioned shoe. Just a few days ago he was circulating on social media after he had worn the Craziest Outfit from Balecianga company.

Every time Lil Wayne wears an outfit it becomes a fashion to his fans but now it’s like he is overdoing it because no one has emulated him in his new fashions.

Lil Wayne is also named by the majority of artists as the best rapper including Eminem, The game, Jay Z and many more. He also introduced drake, Nick Minaj and Tyga to the world of music by signing them to his label and offering great support.

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