Don’t Celebrate Christmas – It Is A Demonic Celebration For The Pagans, Not Christians


Christmas is a celebration for pagans and people who do not know God, I want to give you the facts that the world and most churches have hidden from the knowledge of the people. In a few days, the church will be celebrating what is called Christmas a celebration designed by humans to simulate the birth of Christ.

Christmas is not the birth of Christ, Jesus himself stated that a day of death is better than the day of birth, this is not where my facts are only based. This so-called Christ Mass day is a day where the world is turned to drunkards, shame, misrule and all sorts of evil practices. All masked in gift-giving, and demonic songs called “Christmas Carols” and the whole world including the church turned to madness.

Why do I say all this, the church has tainted a false name trying to put Christ back to Christmas, Jesus was never in Christmas, Jesus never celebrated Christmas, what sort of hypocrisy can any person try to put the holy name of God in such revelry? Jesus has no fellowship with sin and unbelief. Galatians Chapter 4 verse 9 to 11. You know how to observe days of the month because of your own selfish gains.

Christmas is the revelry of Demons, it can be traced back to Babylon, this wisdom is far much more than anything, many say Jesus was born on 25th December, wherein the bible is that written? The mystery of Babylon the great, the Christmas Tree is all in the bible.

The demons of Satan are awakened at that moment, many young people will become drunk, and sin against God. Many Christians will backslide. This is the power of the devil. Christmas is for the pagans, not Christians who know God.

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